MacRabbit lives in beautiful Belgium, where it started deep in the woods with water nymphs and tree elves (not really, but there is lots of rain and grass). Pets excelled at all sorts of useful things like occupying keyboards, barking and polluting the air.

We have since moved back to the city where the original rabbit-in-a-hat logo was conceived (did you know MacRabbit was actually going to be called Magic Hat then?). These more urban surroundings are ideal for the pets’ new favorite activities (sleeping and eating), and they kick the creative drive of the humans into high gear. We also get yearly pirate battles (masquerading as a sailboat race — but we see right through that). As you can see, MacRabbit is an animal-friendly software company located in a vibrant Belgian landscape!

Sint-Jacobsmarkt 47, bus 401
2000 Antwerpen