11 Days of Espresso 1.1

Xmas is near, and we come bearing gifts. Espresso 1.1 is now available, all ready to be unwrapped! It has been an eventful year at MacRabbit, which makes us extra happy to deliver this major update to you all. What’s new? Tons of stuff, but here are the highlights: Find in Project! Projects! Revamped Workspace! Image Preview! Manual Publish! Excuse the exclamation marks, but Espresso 1.1 is a better app in every way. See for yourself: learn more and download it now.

Xmas is near, 11-days-near to be precise. Seeing all those ones makes you want to add more, so every day the next 11 days we are giving away 1+1 copies of Espresso 1.1. How do you win a copy for yourself and a friend? By being part of a MacRabbit tradition: the Funny Nag Contest! Invent a hilarious and convincing demo “buy now” message for Espresso. Nags can be stories, dialogues, statements, really anything. Send your ideas to @espressoapp on Twitter or mail them to espresso@macrabbit.com. Every day until Xmas we will pick our favorite nag in the pool and surprise the author.

We wish you Happy Holidays, Espresso 1.1 delight, much inspiration and an excellent sense of humor!

Great idea! Thanks for the great update.

Jonno Riekwel

Excellent, thanks for the update. Keep up the sterling work fellas :)

Adam Fairhead

I’m liking 1.1 so far. I stopped using the previous Espresso because it kept crashing, but this one is nice!

What exactly are the nags supposed to accomplish? Are they the things that ask like “Are you sure you want to save?”.


Vincent, they should be demo reminder nags. They’d be used in a context where the app says “Purchase Now” or similar.

Jan Van Boghout

This release is still buggy, and still crashing on my machine. I was holding out for the release of this before buying, looks like it will have to be Textmate or Coda.


Ismail, please send whatever problems you experience to espresso@macrabbit.com along with any context info you can give. We can’t fix what we don’t know about!

Jan Van Boghout

I like it but there are still a few things to improve:

- I like how the app optically focuses the coding itself, I don’t get sidetracked by other unimportant things: the scroolbar of the left sidebar is pretty distractive in my opinion, you could use scroollbars like on the iphone: auto-fade out (we are programmer, we KNOW that there IS a scrollbar), no up and down button on the bottom

- still no option for UTF8 as default encoding

- the Navigator on the right still gets confused when mixing php code with html code:


This looks like a nice release, however what exactly is the Image Preview “feature” for? I phrase it like that because I can’t tell what useful function it is supposed to perform. Nor can I find any documentation on it (website or Help in the app). I have to say your documentation in general is pretty flimsy and unhelpful.
Is the “feature’ simply the fact that clicking on an image in the file list now shows the image in the main window? If so, what was the point of adding that, and did it really warrant a major feature bullet point on the website?? Seeing just a single image is pretty useless. You can’t even click on a folder and get a grid preview of all the images in the folder, although I’m not sure if that would be of any more use.
I found that you can drag the file proxy of an image from the file list into a page of code, but all it inserts is the full local path name (/Users/name/Documents/etc.) rather than a relative path, so again I can’t see what the actual point would be.

Ian Davies

@Ian Davies:

To be honest I find this feature extremely useful… there are times where I need to know what image I’m dealing with and with the old Espresso I had to go to Finder and back.

Of course it’d be useful if the preview could display some information about the image like dimensions, and size.


So far everything is working great. So glad the image preview function is there. I hated having to reveal in finder to verify what image is what.


After deleting the old espreso and wanting to start fresh, I am getting told that it cant use espresso on this version of OS X. Is this a Leopard only version or am I missing something?


I meant snow leopard sorry. I’m still on the pre snow leapord version…


Andy, Espresso should work on 10.5.8 or higher. Earlier versions of 10.5 will show that message.

Jan Van Boghout

Something is wrong with the updater. I’ve tried to auto-update feature within Espresse and it downloads it. Once the download is finished my Espresse icon jumps twice on my dock and when I click on it I just get back to my original Espresso window (no dialogue box about the update). If I then click on “Check for Updates” it tells me that an update is already in progress. Tried it 3 times so far. No luck. I’m gonna try a manual update now (downloading from your site).



Hey Jan,

Thanks for the reply, just checked my os version and I am on 10.5.7 as I have not done an update for a while, so that is probably it. Tried to revert back to the old version which was in the trash and now that one does not want to work either.. says it wont work on this architecture, and the icon has a Not sure what I can do now, where can I get the 1.0 version from? I will do a software update, but our bandwidth is low so cant do it now (we live in a country where we pay per gb used…)


Turns out the update was not so big after all, so I updated and am back up and running with Espresso.. 1.1 is super cool!!


Overall a solid update and certainly a step in the right direction. Image previews are helpful (though image details would be even more helpful), “open with” is a lifesaver, as is right click to publish. Love the new workspace and the addition of a project manager is a welcome feature as well – though now Espresso’s multiple windows for multiple projects seems a bit out of place and even Windows-esqe. Even still, it’s a minor gripe.

My only major issue is that windows still don’t remember their positions or settings. Even worse the “quick publish” sidebar is now smaller (at least on my screen), meaning that in order to manually click one of my many custom snippets, I’ll need to select “user”, scroll to the snippet and then click the snippet every single time. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to rely on a 3rd party snippet manager.

Nevertheless, on the whole, big improvements all around. Nice job.


Hmm, actually the sidebar pallets might be remembering their positions after all. Looks like you have to set the position manually for each file in your project using the file list (not the workspace) instead of setting the pallet size/position within the application itself. I wonder if there’s a way to set it universally?


This is absolutely GREAT to see. Keep it up guys!


This is awesome!


dude, software update didn’t work for me, had to download from the website


Updater failed for me too.


For everyone experiencing auto-updater problems, we discovered a bug in 1.0.7 which causes it to not show the update progress dialog. Unfortunately this can’t be fixed without updating to 1.1, so this has to be done manually.

Jan Van Boghout

These updates are great! Thanks for your continued hard work on this great app :)


Oh my god. Honestly, the only reason I wasn’t using Espresso in the first place was because I couldn’t see the image dimensions when I was coding, so I’d have to go through finder etc. etc. and when 1.1 was announced as having image preview I was like “Yay!” because I was like, “Surely they wouldn’t be stupid enough to not add image dimensions with the image previews?” And guess what? You were. Honestly, what was the point in that!?!? Did you guys not see how useful that would be? I even sent you an e-mail a month before you announced 1.1 saying how helpful it would be to see image dimensions and you didn’t add it. I couldn’t wait to see 1.1 and finally use it properly but now I can’t. I honestly can’t believe this.

Kyle Bolton

Kyle: this is coming in 1.1.1, promise!

Jan Van Boghout

Thanks for the quickly reply Jan, have you got any idea when this will be? Don’t need an exact date, just around about, so I can start using beloved Espresso again.

Kyle Bolton

Kyle: it will be the beginning of January, most likely. We also want to clean up any remaining bugs the 1.1 release didn’t fix.

Jan Van Boghout

Jan: That’s fine, I was thinking it was going to take a while! Thanks, and I apologise for my rudeness in my previous posts, I was just disappointed and angry. :)

Kyle Bolton

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Very nice update. One complaint, I have a bunch of open files in my “WORKSPACE” area. You introduced the pretty auto scroll feature in that area so when I mouse over the arrow, it scrolls up/down appropriately however, I’d really like to be able to drag the separator bar between the “WORKSPACE” and “FILES” area – I have the files open in my workspace for a reason and it’s hard to see what’s there very easily when I have to scroll.

Josh Schumacher

The editor itself is nice, but this app needs a split view. After using Coda for so long, not being able to see my CSS file next to my markup file is epic fail.


Wow! The update is looking quite promising. I bought your app back when you released it but didn’t use it because of the bugs and the (sucky) feel of the app. I then gave Coda a try and it was just perfect! But now after your 1.1 update I think I will start using Espresso full-time. All I ask for is that you DON*T integrate CSSEdit but instead try to make Espresso a kick-ass editor w/ awesome FTP sync/upload. I for instance don’t want a visual CSS editor like in Coda or other (useless) fancy visual stuff…


For some reason any projects that I had in the 1.0.7 ver of Espresso are not able to be opened using 1.1. Is this right?

Nick Toye

Nick, your old projects should open fine. Be sure to email us with any problems you have!

Jan Van Boghout

I must say I’m really impressed by the beauty and elegance of Espresso 1.1. This is exactly how I want my development environment to look like. still there are some features I really like to see in neat future. I would be glad if you tell us if they are planned for future versions or not:

- Full textmate bundle compatibility + bundle manager
- Splitted view
- Embedded Terminal

As you might guess I’m a big fan of Textmate, but I’m getting frustrated with its lack of updates and hope espresso could replace the promised Textmate 2.0 for me.

Allen Bargi

[...] Espresso has been updated to version 1.1, and along with it, the company is offering a contest where you can win a copy of the web [...]

Espresso 1.1 arrives with 11-day giveaway «

Do we have to submit a new Funny Nag every day, or like if yours barely got beat one day, you would get it the next?


So far I’m enjoying that new version a lot. I’m joining Kyle in the image size preview topic. Also one more thing, why move the server settings down below the sidebar in the publish section. Been searching for it over 5 minutes. Sure it’s a good place for it, but please allow us to keep it back in the main Toolbar. Right now it’s not even available in the Toolbar customization. One more thing for 1.1.1 release I guess.

Anyway thanks much for all your work on this. Espresso is amazing.


[...] Espresso has been updated to version 1.1, and along with it, the company is offering a contest where you can win a copy of the web [...]

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Can you add some default phtml support? It bugs the crap out of me that I have to keep selecting php and html manually!


Thanks for 1.1. Still a bit rocky, as you’ve added plenty of new code but it’s worth it. I love searching through all files in a project! Thank you!


+ phtml support
+ next to preview and window maybe have Projects, so you have quick access to projects
+ mysql statements seem to highlight wrong. $db->query(”SELECT * FROM”); – SELECT will be a different colour.
+ Option to make code folding always visible? I would like to be able to see at a quick glance


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Well I like this release a lot but one thing bugs the hell out of me.

I can’t save on my network disk. I can create a project, add server settings and upload the files to the server, but I can’t save the files to my network disk. I can actually save as… and overwrite the file, but I cant just do “save”. All I get is this error: “cannot save blabla.php”.

Am I missing something here, or is this a major bug?

Niels Kreijveld

Excelente programa, me encanta trabajar con él y si ahora vamos a poder ver imágenes esta buenísimo.

Mauricio Zavala Garay

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Thank you so much. Stuck with Espresso despite the multitude of annoying crashes; finally been updated and fixed. Thanks :)

Alex Pearce

Good work. Only problem I’m having with it is that I can’t play with it really. I downloaded the previous version ages ago and it wasn’t my cup of tea. So I just downloaded 1.1 and it looks much better… but my 15 day demo has expired. Even tho’ I only used the previous version for maybe a minute.


Oh and could you add live editing on server-side? That would really helpful for editing wordpress designs.

Kyle Bolton

Espresso is tantalizingly sleek, but:

1) Code Sense does not seem to do its job, because it suggests html tags right after php code starts in the document. No php code automation works.
2) Autoupdate failed, had to reinstall by download.
3) It is not possible to publish on localhost test environment location without ftp/s.
4) No diff (merge) integration except sugars, and Diff.sugar is a dead link.

Great job done, but more is awaiting further. Espresso may look well, but taste is not perfect.


I like the new project manager and the floating workspace! Thanks for the update!


This app is a little too expensive…

Just organizer with texteditor options

Espresso is just… GREAT!

I just discovered that Espresso uses Perl Compatible Regular Expressions, which are much better than POSIX ones (*). Cool! But the end of line marker ‘$’ doesn’t seem to work…

I’m also missing a feature that could be very nice: when I’m modifying an opening tag, I would like the corresponding closing tag to be automatically modified, too. For example, if I want to change to blablabla to blablabla, I just want to have to change the first “div” (wit a little animation showing that he closing tag is also being changed ;) )

(*) PCRE are more powerful and faster that POSIX RE. For example you can set quantifiers as non-greedy with the ‘?’ modifier: will stop at the FIRST occurrence of a tag.


Oops, all my example tags have been removed in my previous post. Trying something else:

«For example, if I want to change to blablabla to blablabla, I just want to have to change the first “div”»


«For example you can set quantifiers as non-greedy with the ‘?’ modifier: will stop at the FIRST occurrence of a tag.»


Grrrr… Didn’t work…

How to you write tags in comments?


Oh, I forgot one of the most important thing I’m missing: global indenting, of course!


I meant “automatic and global indenting”.

In case it’s not clear:
- by “global” indenting, I mean an option in the “Actions” menu that would allow to indent all the (selected) text.
- by “automatic” indenting, I mean when I write an opening tag and hit “enter” I want the indentation to be correct (left-shifted regarding to the opening tag)


@Thomas I’d go a step further and suggest that all aspects of publishing should be in the toolbar *only* and not in the sidebar at all. This is especially true since most aspects of publishing are already in the toolbar and your remote files don’t show up in the sidebar. Therefore there’s little connection between the sidebar and publishing except that those files ultimately get published.


Where do you submit nag-messages to? Hmnmn….


Getting a ton of bugs and errors with the remote connection stuff and its driving me nuts. I am loving espresso other then that. Please reply to my emails so I can continue using and promoting Espresso.

Merrick Christensen

Just wanted to express my gratitude to you guys for making this update. I’m now using it to develop/style in a complex system like Magento with ease. Synchronization with the remote server is astonishing. Thanks for the great app and even greater update :)

Zeljko Prsa

i love this upgrade!

Mario Janschitz

The one feature I’d like to see is a much tighter integration with CSSEdit, either by bringing the full CSSEdit functionality into Espresso or by improving livepreview to work from both products (make a css change in CSSEdit, the Espresso preview updates, even without saving or going back to it, that kind of idea).

Good job!

Tim S

Is CSS Edit dead?!


Although I have Dreamweaver, I use Espresso and CSSedit every single day – LOVE them both. But, I have two issues…

Several times a day, I’m unable to preview my html pages in Espresso – it starts to render them, but never finishes. I usually just save my work and open the page up in Safari. Along the same lines, Espresso NEVER quits (I have to force it to quit). Any ideas on what I should try to fix these issues?

When I double click a CSS page, it always opens up in Espresso, not CSSedit. On a page-by-page basis, I instruct the Finder to use CSSedit – is there a way to do this globally?

Thanks for two great products!


Dave Hidding

Apple Tablets may out this month later, if possible to build Espresso or mini version of Espresso to Apple Tablets if possible to make us can development website on Apple Tablets.



I sent you a mail about troubles with ftp remote connection and about other bugs… but no answer after many days… i’m dissappointed about Espresso (instead I’m glad about CssEdit). I think Espresso is still a premature software for this price (ftp remote connection troubles, bad integration with CssEdidt). Good design but I would not have bought.


I love your product :) I’m not switching just yet, but a few versions down the line I probably will. There are a few things that prevent me from doing so, most notably code completion for one’s *own* classes and functions as defined in a project’s files (which should be a cinch, given that you already parse documents so thoroughly), and SVN support. Keep up the good work, hope you’ll get to fixing these two things at some point :)