Are You a MacRabbit Enthusiast?

As part of its Design Award packages, Apple generously provides a Macworld Expo booth to the winners. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to San Francisco myself in January. As such, I am currently looking for happy CSSEdit and/or DeskShade users who would like to help run the booth and tell Expo visitors about what makes MacRabbit software rock :)

Macworld Expo 2008 takes place January 15-18, and booth volunteers would need to be present from 10AM to 6PM. As a booth staffer you will receive a free exhibitor badge, giving you full access to the expo. If you are interested, please get in touch through info at macrabbit dot com.

Update: unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find enough people to man the booth before the deadline. Thanks a lot to those that offered to help, though!

IF I was able to go to SF, I would be wearing a rabbit-suit and giving demo’s all day long. Non-believers would be struck with my carrot-gun and I would force them to make all their future projects with Microsoft Frontpage.

If only I could go…

Tim Van Damme

This would be such an awesome opportunity and I would love to go… BUT… I would have to clear it with my wife. Don’t count me out of the running yet though! Us RW dev’s can’t live without CSSEdit (as I am sure your know).

I bet there are some other RW Alumni that are more local that would do it. ;)