CSSEdit 2.5 Out Now!

Woohoo! A new CSSEdit! Some of you may have seen one new feature already (cough Digg cough), but there’s much more. Let’s summarize:

  • Tabs. Yes, this one may not come as a surprise anymore. However, I am sure you will be quite surprised once you try them out. Pictures simply don’t do them justice.
  • X-ray Inspector. This must absolutely be the most popular feature request of all time. Lo and behold, here it is: the X-ray inspector shows you what styles apply to the selected element in X-ray
  • Selector Builder. Selector what? This is a brand new innovation that should make life much, much easier for anyone starting out with CSS (or teaching it). Define your selectors in plain English, and it generates the necessary code for you.
  • Various improvements all over the application: a navigation bar in the Preview, a font picker, selector CodeSense, a text shadow editor, brand new shiny wonderful HUD inspectors, etc. Major changes everywhere!

That’s not too shabby — is it? Hop over to the CSSEdit site to grab the new goodies. CSSEdit 2.5 is a free upgrade for all 2.x users. Enjoy!

Looks awesome. CSSEdit has become one of my favorite tools, and now got even better. Thanks!
The “Applied Styles” feature is a god-send. Now I don’t have to use Firefox anymore just for that ;)

Mathias Meyer

Fantastic. I posted some feedback here right after 2.0 was released, saying that the X-Ray feature needed that ability to make a selector. Well, looks like my prayers have been answered !

Congratulations on 2.5 – it’s really, honestly, one of the best apps that grace my Mac. I hope you didn’t leave it too late to put yourself forward for an Apple Design award ?!

Oh, BTW – that tab feature is stunning. You should licence that as a framework for other developers to use…


[...] CSSEdit 2.5 Released. One of my favorite apps gets a great update. If you’re building out your own CSS, you owe it to yourself to get this app. [...]

CSSEdit 2.5 Released at Creative Toolbox

Ah! Now you can re-order the tabs! The way you can move them throughout other windows is quite impressive. Applied style is exactly what I needed. Thumb up for the update!

Just a little thing:
I was thinking of borders panel and I think it would be nice if we can do a kind of multi-editing (for example change left and up border at the same time).

(I don’t really know if it’s the best place for sending feedback.)


[...] geniale CSSEdit für OS X hat ein Update erhalten, in dem nun auch endlich Tabs mit drin sind. Saubere Sache, vielen [...]

michi-r.ch // weblog ohne ziel und zweck » CSSEdit endlich mit Tabs

Congratulations. This is a really good update, and the way it handles the tabs (folks, try to drag the tab out of the window!) is just one of the things that make it all worth the money spent.

Knut Melvær

Seriously, I absolutely love CSSedit! It makes tweaking my site actually enjoyable.

Joe Jacobs

Wow, this release is incredible — absolutely an essential part of any web designer’s toolkit.

Now if only you could bundle the Gecko and Trident rendering engines, you’d have something I couldn’t live without! ;)

Chris Messina

Just found your software and I’m trying it out… great so far. Can’t find a forum or support site?

One question: I’m using the software against a Mediawiki site and was wondering if there is a way to apply a new local css file to an online page without altering the online page. Sort of like override but with a completely new local css file. I want to do this so I can develop local css files that will later be uploaded via the MediaWiki interface. These files don’t show up in the override panel for Cssedit at present.



Sweet! A great additional set of features added to an already-stellar product. Well done!


You have added a plethora of non-useless features. The work on tabs are awesome and the x-ray has left me speechless. I can rightfully say now that this will make css alot easier for any n00b. Great work. I’m looking forward to what lies ahead :D


[...] has released CSSEdit 2.5, a significant update to their fantastic CSS editing and manipulating application. As [...]

Free Apple iPhone Stuff » Blog Archive » CSSEdit 2.5 brings tabs, X-ray Inspector and more

Very slick and useful upgrade, Jan! It keeps getting even better.
And thanks for the free update for those who purchased 2.0. Very cool.


This is absolutely awesome. Many thanks for giving this version out free to the people who bought v2.0!

Andrew Smith

[...] CSSEdit 2.5 is out! This is by far the best CSS editor around. New to version 2.5, a free upgrade for 2.0 users, are tabs, x-ray inspector, selector builder, and much more. Head on over to the CSSEdit site and give the demo a try. [...]

artimeg.com » Blog Archive » CSSEdit 2.5

Excellent update to already excellent software. Thanks for saving me hours of work!

Oliver Hood

Who cares about CSSEdit? I want an update to DeskShade. It’s long overdure.



I was impressed when I first found CSSEdit and now I am impressed all over again. The design and function go together perfectly. Well done.

Forrest Anderson

Who cares about CSSEdit, what happened to it’s replacement, the all new TableEdit?!?

Seriously though, great update! One of the things I love about CSSEdit is that it keeps a perfect balance of steak and sizzle throughout the entire app. Great job guys!

Dan Peterson

[...] CSS development. New features included tabbed editing and an X-Ray inspector. See what’s new here. Very nice update, (free for registered owners of v2.x). Users of 1.x can upgrade for $14.95 [...]

ReelSmart.com :: Video, Technology, Digital LifeStyle, Macintosh Tips, and Opinions » CSSEdit 2.5 Now Available

This is a great update. The tabs work great! It really is a fantastic CSS Editor. Thanks for the great work.

Naoise Guerin

wow, I’m so impressed ! this new features are great!

CSS Edit is the best software I ever met! The value is priceless for what it does and how it does it. I wish all my apps would have this kind of “prefection”

thanks a lot the dev team.


[...] new program looks very interesting, I may have to download a copy and see how it works. (via MacRabbit Blog | stevenf) apple, coda, cssedit, development, dreamweaver, freelance, mac, macrabbit, osx, [...]

CSSEdit 2.5 and Coda at scottorchard.com

Did Panic copy you with Coda?


Lezard, clearly they did like the CSSEdit interface :)

Jan Van Boghout


I just dumped my girlfriend, because really CSSEdit treats me right and I’m so in love. My life is now complete.

These are really killer features for a free update. Thanks a lot, man. I use this tool every day.


Ryan Miglavs

A fantastic update to an already must-have program. And free for 2.0 users too! That’s is seriously cool. Thank you Jan…

Brad Brooks

[...] users behold, CSSEdit 2.5 has been released, with the most important updates being tabs, X-Ray Inspector, Selector Builder amongst other [...]

Bram.us » CSSEdit 2.5 Released

Thanks for the update.

The new selector tools are really great as remembering the correct syntax can sometimes give me a headache.

One feature thats still missing from the X-Ray Preview that I’d like to see eventually added – give me the size of the element thats currently selected. This would help when doing quick mental calculations about placement of page elements.

But seriously, thanks for this and keep up the great work.

Chris Papadopoulos

[...] (to me), command-return now functions as expected in all situations! Read more about it at the MacRabbit site. cssedit» design» features» osx» software» Share this article:These [...]

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[...] check out more details, head over to Mac Rabbit and download the demo if you don’t have it [...]

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[...] aptly named CSS editor, CSSEdit, has been updated to 2.5. New features include a tabbed interface for the Style Sheet editor, an X-ray inspector, and a lot [...]

Nolobe - Blog » Blog Archive » CSSEdit 2.5

Fantastic program. Looking forward to purchasing and using it for work. Two small features that I would appreciate:

* Option to set the background colour of the CSS editor
* I’d like to be able to drag a folder of CSS files to the CSSEdit icon and have those files open in a new window with a tab for each file.

Arthur Case

CSSEdit has imporved not only my CSS capabilities, but the speed with which I can work. For the price of this amazing application, the return in clients came back in spades.

Thanks to everyone involved. I was delighted to find the update when I opened the app this evening!

Dale Mugford

Just one suggestion for the tabs – when you hover over them it would be nice if a little preview thumbnail popped up (like the one you see when dragging the tabs around).

Since working with CSSEdit, people seem to think I’m some kind of CSS Guru. I’m keeping quiet about my secret ;-)


Yours is the most useful program of its type in the world. If I didn’t own a mac, your software would be temptation enough to buy one.

Ryan Hayden

Awesome update. You have outdone yourself. What could not get better has gotten a lot better. I’m glad I started using CSSEdit over other tools – It has made my life infinitely easier in creating websites.

Unfortunately I have to keep redesigning them as I figure out more sophisticated ways to use CSS.

Thanks Mac Rabbit Team, CSS won’t know what’s hit it!


Things like this make me wish I had a Mac….

Well if these new web projects take off I’ll be able to afford one, fingers crossed!!

Nicholas Orr

[...] CSSEdit 2.5, estoy particularmente feliz con esta actualización, ahora sí es perfecto. [...]

RUDEWORKS » Archivo » La semana del nuevo software (de Mac)

Fantastic update. Great work. I’m glad I registered.

Things I’d like to see so that I fully stop running Parallels just for TopStyle:

1. Right click on color values in code mode to get a color picker, or at least the option to open the OS X color panel since that has a picker.

2. Tidy CSS sweeping would be a great addition since it organizes and cleans up CSS much better in my opinion.

3. Code hints on a user controlled delay instead of having to start typing would be much more intuitive.

4. “Geek mode” for people like me who would rather have a code only mode without the left panel thingie.

5. Customizable keyboard shortcuts.


Just a note to anyone wanting to use CSS Edit with Rails. CSS Edit can’t handle style sheets like Rails serves them (style.css?234234werser234). In order to get Rails to leave off the string, you’ll need to put this in one of your environment files:


Justin Palmer

[...] 2.5, wie zum Beispiel die Tabs, den X-Ray Inspector und den Selector Builder, erfährt man im Blog der Entwickler. Wird also langsam mal Zeit, dass ich mal näher mit der Software [...]

Updates bei CSSEdit & Co. » admartinator.de

I love CSSEdit. :-)


Does CSSEdit have a live preview that applies to all browsers (i.e. Windows XP etc. browsers)?



The 2.5 update is absolutely wicked!

Awesome – well done.


Just installed CSSEdit 2.5 and I was impressed all over again. The tabbed interface alone would have been enough for me to be happy, but you’ve gone way beyond that. Good work guys!

Woody Gilk

Dankzij CSSEdit kon ik eindelijk een webpagina designen zoals ik het vijf minuten geleden nog maar had bedacht. Ook mensen die niets van design afweten kunnen hier dus mee aan de slag. Een Brain-candy tool !


The best tool for web editors!

One point for the wishlist: including IE6 specialities with warnings.


Wow. Just wow. This app was great to begin with, and now it’s just plain amazing! I remember using it recently, and thinking that “gee, it be great to select something in X-Ray, and be able to figure out what styles apply to it”. You read my mind!

I can’t tell you how fast it is to work in CSSEdit – it really is essential. Thanks for the great work!

As for future feature requests: I’d echo the request for a custom color scheme for the code area – a la Textmate. The other huge thing would be some kind of warning syntax for styles that could get wonky in IE.

Chip Cullen

Would love to see Movable Type / Wordpress integration.

Michael Hayes

I just updated and it’s really very smexy. ^_^

Kyle Korleski

[...] just recently released CSSEdit 2.5 to the general public. Now, CSSEdit is one of my favourite power toys (tomorrow, I’ll discuss power toys for the [...]

Macrabbit released CSSEdit 2.5 and it’s very smexy! at The Darkest Evil

wow. wow. wow. I love you CSSEdit and your little rabbit too! I wish I could give you a big wet kiss: Schmaaack!


[...] de sair unha actualización do que con case total seguridade o mellor editor de CSS do mercado: CSSEdit. Non se trata dunha actualización menor, senón que ven cun interesante feixe novidades [...]

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[...] you just love it when your favourite tools keep getting better? Macrabbit recently released a 2.5 update to their CSS editing and manipulation application called [...]

Media72: Web Hosting Services Technical Blog » CSSEdit 2.5 Released

great work, i totally love it and worth the 30,-

Jonno Riekwel

Hi, great work ! nice functions
i think the best app for my webdesign


It’s awesome, it rocks, it’s the best thing ever, but… why oh why are we still not able to change the background color for the editor? This is driving me insane. I bought the app, I love all the features, but I just can’t use it because the background is white! I keep switching back to my TextMate window for editing CSS because I have my default black background.

I am seriously begging you to add this feature. At least a way to switch between black and white if not for picking custom colors?

Taylan Pince

This is so amazing. I already thought CSSEdit 2.0 was perfect, so I couldn’t quite figure out why on earth I’d want to update it, but CSSEdit 2.5 has left me speechless. I never want to use another CSS Editor again, and least of all Dreamweawer. I especially love the tabs. The only thing that’s a bit annoying is that you can’t just drop a URL onto the empty space next to the last tab and have that URL opened in a new one. But I guess I might actually be able to live without it.


congratulations on a well crafted and elegant upgrade that significantly improves an already excellent product. your tabs work with such cool drag and drop simplicity. i am impressed with the thought and skill that makes it appear to be so simple. i wish all other applications worked so well and looked so good. and all in a free upgrade, too. magnificent. thank you.


heey man great work! really nice app.


i’ve bought cssedit this morning and i’ve pay by paypal… but i cannot receive the serial for the program… somebody can help me? :-(


This is one of the best programs I’ve ever used. I actually look forward to working in it.

Dave Belden

Love it! Makes CSS a lot more fun to do.


I absolutely love CSSEdit, so much so that I’m considering a purchase (I’m a lowly college student). Anyhow, I just noticed that there is an issue where the cache of a page isn’t flushed when you refresh and I get an old version of the CSS from the page. Just letting you know.


Michael Johnston

This application sounds very successful. I’m looking forward in trying it out soon.


Congrats on your Apple Design Award!!


This is a fantastic tool! Lovely design & functionalities


I love CSS Edit!!! Saves so much time. Just thought of a great feature to add in the next revision- a full list of elements that can be easily added to any style sheet. For example, if I want to add an h1-h4, just drag and drop them from the elements list to your sheet, and fill in the rest. The “New Selector” feature works great, but can get a little tedious going back and forth. Anyways, just a thought. Keep up the work!!!

Daniel Lewandowski

This is the best. The only problem is that instead of writing zillion lines of code I sit and play around with CSSEdit just for the gratification of instant morphosis.

Thanks Jan, I hope my grandkids don’t go hungry :-)

Lanny Rosicky



I just purchased your CSS Edit product, and was curious if there are any tutorials or manuals available?




I certainly second the comments by holger and Chip Cullen to include some sort of warning for styles that could get wonky in IE.

It’s frustrates me to find that after styling perfectly in CSSedit and the style works for more standards compliant browsers such as Firefox and Safari, it doesn’t work as expected on Windows IE 6 (which still has the majority user base)!

How could I know what wouldn’t work properly on IE, so we could look out for it even while styling in CSSedit?



Small Business Web Design (Singapore)

I heard about this program on MBW(I think!) and my eyes lit up when it was described as a tool for dummies like me that know zilch about css!!I’ve downloaded it but am non the wiser, is there simple tutorial somewhere that takes a user through stages like make a few changes to a wordpress blog or something please? (Or did I misunderstand what i was menitoned on MBW? I’d love to buy the program if only could work out how to drive it.

Any thought appreciated, thanks

Steve Cooper

It’s awesome! I love it!


I just went out and bought a Imac thanks to your program. Really no kidding. It looks fantastic.


This software *seems* great, but like a few others, I’m looking for more detailed support and/or forums or help files that explain things other than just how to override someone else’s stylesheets. Am I missing something here? No support… no contact info… I’d like to get started using this product, but i’m stuck in a few places.


CSS Edit is one of the best apps. Thanks for sharing.


It looks good, thanks for the article.


Thanks for the work.
But how could I know what wouldn’t work properly on Internet Explorer.


It seems that very useful.
Let me try

plakali esanjor

Hey guys, please add support for base-line grids to cssEdit. The web desperately needs better typography. I have seen bookmarlets that do this so its should be fairly simple to add. Horizontal and vertical (baseline) grids would be on the top of my list for features to implement.


Thanks for the updates! We’ll support you!


Add the possibility of using a black background.


Very useful.thnaks for the work !


Hi – are there any tutorials or help forums for this Css editor