CSSEdit Happiness Everywhere (even at Apple)

CSSEdit 2 has been extremely well received, and my magical software-writing rabbit is satisfied. He wishes to remain anonymous, so we’ll call him Norbert. Norbert has been putting on pounds with Royal Carrots Deluxe to celebrate all the excellent feedback.

Even Apple really likes CSSEdit:
CSSEdit on Mac OS X Downloads
Norbert thinks that’s awesome, and I agree. Now we’re going to dig through all your requests and comments to make sure CSSEdit becomes even more worthy of compliments such as:

“If you’re building websites on a Mac, you must have CSSEdit. Wow.” – Firewheel Design

“CSSEdit 2.0 is fast, it’s elegant, and packed with features to make my life easier. I’m sorry I waited so long to use it!” – Erik Barzeski

“Very impressive upgrade to MacRabbit’s aptly-named $30 CSS editor.” – John Gruber (Daring Fireball)

“I’m not a designer, heck I’m hardly a writer, but I do know good software when I see it (and a cute company logo).” – TUAW

Even magical rabbits can be vain, so Norbert really liked this appreciation of his portait.

As usual, a great update on already fantastic program. Glad to see it getting great press!


Amazing UI, very sleek and extremely lightweight. Does exactly what i need it to do in a snap. Norbert did well. Will send him some royal carrots from Australia.

Amit Karmakar

Simply stunning software.

Peter Russell

The software is incredible, the only feature I would want is a tabbed interface for when I have 5-6 files open.

Joshua Monroe

User friendly, beautiful! Xray is brilliant. Amazing help to a beginner.
What about guides/rullers? Browser support warnings?


I love it too. It’s also taught me more about CSS than any of those heavy books or tutorials on the web. Still got a long way to go before taming the beast that’s IE but this program is a great companion for novices too!


Great application. I love it. Please keep it simple! There are enough apps out here, that mess it up.


It would be great if this could render with the Firefox engine, and eventually the IE engines on windows. Keep up the good work!


Forrest: I’m afraid that’s just never gonna happen.

Jan Van Boghout

The KISS rule always works. :)

Good job!


[...] Well, after a night of trying different themes, I decided on the classic Kubric 2 theme along with some custom CSS and images. I have a cool application on my Mac called CSS Edit. This makes CSS editing a dream. [...]

Theme and look now finalised at Did I Get Things Done?

Seems like a great tool. It is to bad that my boss don’t want to give me a mac… I am dying to give it a test. I know mac is better as PC, but hopefully there will be a version in the future for PC!


It’s a gorgeous app, the best I’ve ever seen, but please oh please let me edit the rest of the HTML in it! Pleeease!

Tyler Dunlap

A happy day indeed.
As usual great usability and design. Love the interface. Gonna mess around with it this weekend.



I am very enthousiastic about this program, have been using it for a while. Must say great features, even for less advanced css builders. Apple obviously likes it aswell.


Absolutely brilliant application. If you wrote an HTML editor, TextMate and Subethaedit would be in really trouble.


Excellent application. Been using it for 1 week and I find out new stuff everyday

Game boy