Cubism, baby!

It’s 3-dimensional, it has 12 edges of equal length and it’s oooooh so sweet… It’s the Apple Design Award for Best Developer Tool, awarded to CSSEdit 2.5!

I’m absolutely thrilled, and I’d like to thank Mike for calling me out of bed and Alex for picking up the cube in my place! As well, thanks to everyone who simply likes CSSEdit! :)

ADA Cubes

Congratulations on the much-deserved award, Jan! I knew you could do it. :-)

Ricky Romero

Gefeliciteerd Jan, terechte winst

Dirk Sierd

I was waiting for this post – hearty congratulations on a well-deserved win!


So. Awesome.


Garrett Murray

[...] 2.5 hat den diesjährigen Apple Design Award als bestes Developer-Tool gewonnen. Verdientermaßen, wie ich finde. Nachdem ich wirklich versucht habe, Coda zu mögen, habe [...]

Apple Design Award für CSSEdit - surfgarden

Congrats, CSSEdit is an awesome app and you deserved to win one.


Congratulations Jan! Make’s us all proud, and pleased to have helped make CSSEdit what it is!


Congratulations, well deserved!


Very nice man! Too bad it’s just Apple :p

Despite that, conrgats!


Gefeliciteerd ! Keep up the good work.

Nicky Peeters

Congratulations Jan!! Well done. Very worth prize indeed. CSSEdit has been my choice editor since the time I found it!

Amit Karmakar

Eindelijk! Proficiat man! Gratz!


Congratulations to the macrabbit team! CSSEdit 2.5 is awesome and this is a well deserved award. Keep up the great work!


Just wanted to say congrats! I’m proud to be a “Belg” :-)

Tim Van Damme

Well done, mate! You deserve it!

B. Waite

I KNEW you’d win! You seriously awesome up my digital life!

Thomas Aylott

Congrats for the awards, you deserved it.
CSSEdit is definitly my favorite app ever. So well designed.

Champagne time !!!


What our small country is capable of. Congratulations !


Congrats Jan! Well done!

Brian Delicata

I’ll add my Congrats to the list too. I have used a bunch of CSS editors in my time, but CSSEdit is clearly the best of all of them.

Prior to CSSEdit, I used to try to use TopStyle, but it has some bugs for me that just never seemed to get fixed. I never found a CSS editor for Windows that was as good. When I switched to the Mac and fell upon CSSEdit, I knew it was the tool I had always been looking for. I snarfed it up immediately!

Thanks for the great tool and again, Congrats on the well deserved award!

Dave M.

Congratulations Jan, the award is very much deserved!


congratulations, the app is amazing, well deserved.


Jan, this is seriously the most deserved ADA win EVER. Congrats.

Austin Sarner

Absolutely great! This is indeed deserved! Being able to use CSSEdit was enough reason for me to buy a Mac after all ;-)


Congratulations for the award and thank you for an awesome application!

Attila Acs

I knew it! Congratulations! :) I can’t say this enough CSSEdit ROCKS! :)

Veerle Pieters

Well done you! You really deserve the prize!
Although I’m no expert, I’ve learned so much about CSS from this application.
Worth every penny! :)

Kind regards


Dik verdiend! :) Proficiat!

Wim Leers

That’s awesome! Congratulations!


Gratz man, not yet a user the prize just drove me in from I must say your app shines and looks promising. I am not surprised you got the developer prize.


Well Done. You deserve it!!!

Milo Hill

I love CSSEdit.

Dave Belden

Well done!!! I was very happy to see CSSEdit win. Brilliant, brilliant app.

Marc Edwards

Proficiat Jan!

Simon Soenens

Well deserved! Great app! Congrats!

Koen Bok

I’ve never work on CSS before, and I want to start with your app, it looks easy and solid. Where I can find a start up guide stap by stap kind of pdf or website info just for startes? I need to jump from Rapid weaver to something more pro. and I think this program it’s the way! thanx


Sweet! You deserve it for this app. I’m loving my CCSEdit so far!

Arvid Tomayko-Peters

I absolutely love CSSEdit. I don’t usually buy software, but yours was a must have. I have only one major request: Integration with Transmit. Is this possible? Shoot me an email if you can offer any suggestions.


Michael Johnston

Awesome! Great peace of Software : )


Thats awsome. but yeah its good software. what did u expect :D

Webdesign microdesign

Congratulations on your success, as for me I couldn’t thank you enough.

Luis Gomez

Congratulations on the award! I’ve been using CSSEdit since I purchased my Mac back in February ‘07. This award is definitely well deserved…keep up the good work.


Nice work,dude!


Very nice, its good software.

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I’m thinking of buying this! Looks great!


Well deserved! Awesome peace of Software!