Espresso 1.1 is Brewing

Hello everyone! We’re preparing for a brand new 2010 here at MacRabbit and we’d like to end 2009 on a positive note. Espresso will receive a major update to 1.1 in December. It will feature project-wide search as well as a brand new Project Organizer. There are workflow enhancements all over the application and we hope we’ve addressed every known stability issue.

If you like Espresso now, you will love 1.1. If you haven’t made up your mind, we invite you to give it a whirl in less than a month!

Awesome! Can’t wait :D

Greg Daynes

Using Espresso every day and loving it!
Looking forwards to the project manager dear MacRabbits :)

Marius Bastiansen

Great to hear from you guys. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got in store. I can’t help but hope for a bit of CSSEdit integration, too!

Keep up the good work.

Adam Fairhead

Looking forward to my color theme to load every time I launch Espresso and it not crashing when I go to cut and paste text. Thanks for the heads up.

Joe schneider

I don’t get to use Espresso as much as I would like due to lack of SVN support but some updates do make me happier to use it the rest of the time.


Great! That’s why I’ve subscribed the RSS feed of this blog, uh-whee, looking forward!


This is fantastic news. I am extremely excited!

I joyously purchased MacHeist 3 so I could get my hands on Espresso. It was a refreshing change from Coda, and I used it exclusively on all my web projects until a few months ago, when my issues with the file/project management model came to a head. It became so *extraordinarily* cumbersome on a large project, that I was reluctantly forced to switch back to Coda to save my sanity.

I have high hopes for Espresso as a whole, and 1.1 in specific. Thanks for your diligent hard work!

Michael Johnson

I am super excited about this! Thanks for the update


Jan, that’s great news. Have you guys come across the bug where Espresso is causing an entire system (minus mouse movement) to lock up? It’s still plaguing me … really hope more than anything that’s fixed because at times it can lock me up for minutes.

Josh Bryant

So excited for you all. 1.1 is gonna rock! Just please tell me that you can how view images inside Espresso. :P Not being able to is a killer. Good luck!

PS. love your anti-spam question.

Michael Schultz

Woop! I’ve been missing Project Wide search.


Great! Can’t wait !


Very excited!


Great news guys. Any chance CSS Edit will see an update in the new year?


Awesome! Can’t wait for the beta!

Any chance for bookmark support and project-specific function completion? These are two of the most wanted features on my part (Zend Studio 5 corrupted me :) ).


I can’t wait! Very excited!

Craig McCreath

Project-Wide Search would be great!

Anthony James Bruno

WOW! Will there be tags start and end highlighting like in Aptana? If yes, I will buy it!

Anyway I need to see it! Need! Zombie! I need to eat “mac” rabbit brains :)


That’s great news, I really love Espresso.


Can’t wait. Use it for some time now for all my coding. Great stuff announced!


yay:) really looking forward to it!!
Lovely little app as it is… ~ and now getting even better, can’t wait :)


Awesome, can’t wait! Hopefully Santa comes early

Austin Siewert

Thanks for the update guys and looking forward to 1.1. Hopefully it sorts out some of the bugs such as windows not remembering their positions and the like. I’d also love better snippets but at this point I’ll be happy to take whatever you’re willing to give.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can’t wait to give it a whirl. I’ve been using Coda for a while now bc of the project management but my heart belongs to Espresso. Can’t wait!

Seth Rubenstein

The Features you just mentioned above are what I’ve been waiting for since I bought the app. This is totally brilliant!
The soggy wet leaf of coda will become dry and crumbled under the awesomeness of Espresso!


Like everyone else, im very happy to hear from macrabbit again and cant wait for the updates.

Luis Martins

Can’t wait, I hope there will be a speed improvement!


This is great news.

I’ve been evaluating Espresso for a bit over a week and love it.

These updates give me even more reason to purchase it.

P.S. I have CSSedit as well and I can’t believe what I ever did without it.


Great, cannot wait

Andrew Possehl

Finally I can stop opening Dreamweaver to search across files. I would be really lovely if the syntax highlighting engine didn’t crash everything when copy/pasting, tabbing, or deleting PHP code. Really looking forward to the update.

Brendan Falkowski

This is excellent news. Thanks for sticking with a great product in the daunting face of adversity. Hopefully the stress of the last year will be forgotten. I honestly can’t complain because of the unbelievable price I got this editor for through MacHeist. Here’s to a happy and promising 2010!!!

Jesse Bacon

I would be wonderful if self defied php variables and functions would be added to the code completion :)

I just recently converted to mac and have seen some windows php editors with this feature i just love!

Kasper Christensen

Awesome. I just got another copy of Espresso for a project I’m working on with a friend. We are REALLY hoping for SVN!

Ernset Liu

Glad to hear some/any news from your camp. I really prefer the Espresso method, but have been using Coda pending your improvements. This is encouraging news.

Richard Bird


Good to hear from you guys finally. Glad to hear you’re been hard at work all this time. I have to say though that CSS Edit is my life. I would not live without CSS Edit. It’s completely indispensable and there is still nothing else out there even like it. I don’t need anything too fancy for HTML markup. Still on BBEdit to be honest. But CSS Edit. Wow. If you were to update that at some point… I’d be over the moon. At least give it Mac OS Keychain integration. That’s one thing that drives me nuts.

Guy Incognito

It’s really nice to hear from you again… I’m really looking forward to an amazing editor!

Felix Lorsignol

Great news! only if I could get my ColdFusion sugar to work better (and integreated with HTML, JS and CSS) anyone care to give me a hand? :)

Raul Riera

Awesome! I’ve been waiting for the project manager for a long time… it’s about the only thing I miss about Coda.

Ryan Gomba

Horrah! I can’t wait!


Excellent – now that development of Smultron has ceased, it is great to see Espresso making progress. I’m using Espresso every day, and it is already my favourite application alongside CSSedit and RapidWeaver. Can’t wait for the update.


Terrific news – something for xmas!


Can’t wait for this!

Ka-Chun Chau

Awesome! I haven’t made up my mind about espresso yet, so this is very welcome. If it fixes the most annoying bug’s, I might end up buying it.


Wee! Just in time, too — my trial expires tomorrow, and I’d resolved not to buy a license until affirming that MacRabbit was not, in fact, dead.




Whoops, sorry guys, the anti-spam field doesn’t seem to work!


Great !!!!

Hope there’s a split view option for viewing documents in the update =)



i`m new to espresso – question: will the update provide the option to view hidden files? As I am using expression engine for building websites, which uses a lot of .hidden .template .files, it is a must have feature for me.

Thanks much for any info



Great news guys. I hope you will succeed in making it as awesome as CSSEdit.
BTW any update on that one? CCS# support would be nice!


OH K MON! Just release it already!! :-p I can’t wait to sip the espresso tasty fluid.


Guys! Espresso is awesome!
Thank you for your job!


I’ve seriously been working in trial-mode Coda for months, waiting to see how the 1.1 release of Espresso would turn out. Not that Panic team doesn’t deserve the money, but sounds like it was worth the wait. Thanks very much and hope you keep up the blogging in 2010. :)


Hi macrabbit !

Espresso is awesome, i love it ! I’m using it for 6 months now. Thank you for your good job !

Happy to see we’re going to have an update soon.

Pierre Alexandre PAYET

Excellent news.

Will we be able to retrial this new version to make a purchase decision?


finally! I love espresso and hopefully this update will allow me to remove the other editors i have installed (to get around bugs/missing features) and hopefully make espresso a viable choice for developers


Looking forward to the 1.1 release and especially the Project-wide search (about the only thing I really miss from Coda).

Cali Cardiff

To #52 Rob:

Hi Rob, you said you’ve seriously been working in trial-mode Coda for months?
Coda has only 15 days trial period. I can’t believe how could you “trial” it for months.

Please don’t steal.


@ignaty – you can find the opening and closing tags of an element in Espresso by clicking any element tag and then looking in the navigator in the right-hand panel, where the entire element tree structure will be highlighted. Double clicking the tag in the navigator panel highlights the text in the editor panel.

I know it’s not exactly the same as Aptana but thought it may help you. Automatic “highlighting” would make a great feature to Espresso.


I like Espresso 1.0.x
But I think I am going to love Espresso 1.1

Can’t wait!


Love what you guys do with apps, mostly how you do it. Please keep us informed on Espresso and my fav, CSSEdit!

ken harper


Hmm… Panic on MacRabbit’s site? It seems like someone’s afraid of the competition. On another note, maybe Rob is telling you guys 15 days isn’t enough of a trial period?


Excellent News! I love Espresso and CSS Edit. Makes designing pages so much easier!


Ive only tried the Espresso trial and its surely a good editor but way too many bugs atm :/.
I really hope 1.1 will turn out better , then I will surely buy it.

btw CSSedit rocks!


I simply cannot wait for this. Been loving this app for a while now albeit with a few bugs that have needed fixing, so hopefully 1.1 will address those! Thanks for your work of the fixes MacRabbits :)

Jason Newton

So, the most important question….

Have the bugs been resolved (i.e the random crashing) …


Does anybody know if the ability to view hidden files in the FTP will be added? That would be really useful.

Andrew Philpott

Just started out using the trial version of Espresso and really am liking what I see sans the lack of Subversion integration. Is there any public comment toward SVN support in future releases?


here are lot of think i like in espresso and only one raison why i can’t use it . This reason is : I’m working on 2 computer and 4 screen in a same time. Some time i have same file opened on different programs on both computer and when i do a modification in one of this application and save the modification in the centralized file espresso in others windows don’t consider it. I know your competitor do it and it’s for me a challenge you’ll need to resolve…

best regards,

Michaël Silvestre

Michaël Silvestre