Espresso 2.1 introduces nothing, changes everything

With over 130 improvements and fixes, the latest Espresso is probably our biggest "minor" update ever. No flashy new features for this release, just a sharp focus on enhancing existing functionality and going for stability in a big way. After a productive Kaboom cycle, we're quite happy to deliver the final version for everyone's enjoyment.

Some of our personal favorites in this sea of changes (be sure to check out the full release notes):

  • If you're like us, you Un/Comment often. Expect less cursing and more not noticing how well it works.
  • Cloud Attack for hyper-speedy transfers if your server allows many parallel connections.
  • Rich keyboard support and error reporting for Server Sync make for a much nicer experience.
  • Because Move to Trash now maps to ⌘-option-delete, it no longer gets in the way when editing text.
  • Show in Finder now works directly for Workspace tabs. Rebels, that's what we are.
  • Works great on Mavericks, and a general feeling of everything being ever so slightly better.

Espresso 2.1 is available now: auto-update, download or buy your copy to get the goods! Let us know what you think, and may the productivity be with you.