Espresso, a fresh breath of air in web development

You’ve all been asking for it, now we we’re announcing it: a HTML editor to go with CSSEdit. Luckily, it’s more than that: a full web development editor with projects, publishing and a rock solid extensible engine. Check out our extensive preview at Espresso, and discover why it will be more productive than caffeine! (Update: it’s on Digg, share the love)!

Along with it goes a fresh new site design, which in some ways returns MacRabbit to its roots. Focused, simple… and MacRabbit’s hat is once again visible in its full glory.

I’m so excited for this. I know you’re on something, but didn’t expect this. It’s much better than I could imagine!


November will be awesome – Gears of War 2, my birthday and now new app from MacRabbit. CSSEdit is nice and useful but this app is going to be really sweet :-)


Can’t wait to give this a shot. It looks very nice.

David Hemphill

Sweet! Can’t wait to give it a try, looks very slick.


It’s been quiet around here lately, so this is what came out of it… I have to say i’m super excited about Espresso, i’ve been waiting for an app like this!


Carl Räfting

Looking at the previews makes me drool!

Gonçalo Dumas


Really looking forward to your new app Espresso… can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

Gavin Sim

I… I think I love you.

Andy Allcorn

This is very exciting. I love CSSEdit, but find myself continuing to use clunky crappy Dreamweaver for my CSS due to the fact that it has everything in one place.

So very excited for Espresso, perhaps I can finally dump Adobe’s steaming pile of crap they like to call Dreamweaver.

Jt Hollister

Awesome news!
Will Espresso integrate with CSSEdit?
Will there be a special price for CSSEdit owners?


Could this be a Coda competitor? I would love a CSSEdit integration.

Peter Sieburg

Yay Espresso! So pretty. Behold the Integration Engine® feature! ;-)


I’d love to see a Coda-esque marraige of expresso/cssedit into one app – the main thing that keeps me from moving over to Coda from my ftp/textmate/CSSEdit setup is my love for CSSEdit. Maybe give a discount for exiting CSSEdit and/or Expresso owners… looks like you pretty much have all the major pieces done.


I’m currently using Coda at work but can’t wait to try Espresso!
Mmmmm, all that crema…! :-D

Ben P.

Great stuff, Jan, can’t wait to get my hands on!

– hoera!


are there a test version? i want to try it .


nice, keep on coding Janneke ; )

Hans Mr. Spooren

Oh Boy! Looking forward to use this. All I can say CSSEdit is one of the most usefull and one of the best Mac exprience app there is. SO this can only be better. Using the TextMate/CSSEdit combo now, but looks that the espresso could replace that. Very exciting.


any svn support planned?


Can’t wait to try this – as customer of CSSEdit I expect this to rock.

An advise about the home page though – do not call your images or folders “banner”, “ad” etc. In my Firefox with AdBlockPlus, both main images were blocked. Rename them to something else.


??? Unbelivable. You ? are making ? a Web Dev tool ? You ? the owner of the best CSS editor in the world ?

I’m so excited ! I’m afraid too. CSS Edit is so perfect, I’m afraid of being disapointed by Espresso.
But you team is so great, I relly hope Espresso will be in a few weeks with CSS Edit my two best friends.

I’m used to work on Coda and CSS Edit, Coda is actually the best Dev tool for Webpages, but this is not the level of CSS Edit.

This is the best “tech news” of this quarter :D
Can’t wait !


very cool. currently using Coda+CSS Edit to do most of my ASP.NET work, so i can’t wait to try this. lookign forward to the Extensibility APIs too, would be nice if this can be extended for a well-rounded ADP.NET development experience, somehow.

can’t wait and would love to beta test.

btw, is the “beta tester” link *supposed* to link to itself?


I can’t wait!


Hey guys,

im psyched about this. I was wondering, who designed the logo for espresso? It’s AWESOME! Did they by any chance do a tutorial? It’d be awesome if they could.

Zach LeBar

Looking forward to try this out, CSSEdit is part of my workflow, but I’m curious if you can tempt me away from textmate :)
Bring it on!

Erwin Heiser

Two short questions, will Espresso support Git? Or is it possible to extend it with a Git-plugin?


is this going to be Leopard only? looks amazing.


btw – MacHeist III is coming. Guess what was the best app of the MacHeist II bundle… Just sayin’


I can barely type Im so excited! You have my request to test and become a sugar daddy. can…not…..wait!!!!!!


Can’t wait to try this out! I really hope I can get into the beta testing…

Daniel McCullum

I’m pretty freakin’ excited, especially considering how much I already love CSSEdit. Glad to see you guys haven’t been asleep at the wheel. ;)


This is the best possible news from MacRabbit! I know that all CSSEdit users have at one point or another thought to themselves, “Wow, the CSS coding experience couldn’t be any better, if only the HTML/XML/JavaScript/etc. part didn’t suck”. This app looks like it might be the ‘missing link’ in a productive and graceful web development workflow. As many have already stated, Coda is simply not the end all/be all app that it set out to be. Congratulations on this soon to be must-have app! I simply can’t wait for it’s release.


OMG! This is awesome! I can’t wait for this.


It’s like Textmate + CSSEdit = Espresso
Can’t wait!


I can’t wait for this app. It is the development environment that I have been longing for.


What about a discount for users who (like me ;-) ) will migrate from Coda to Espresso?


This looks great guys, even the sync’ing ability will be something to look forward to.. Will it have the ability to sync mysql databases, or even just a straight db transfer from pro. to dev. and vise versa?


Another Coda + CSSEdit user totally looking forward to Espresso.

That sugar-thing sounds terribly good.

The Mac-apps-which-are-great-yet-still-affordable (CSSEdit, Coda, Pixelmator, VectorDesign just to say the ones I use most) is growing up its part of the cake on the Mac-app sector.

I wonder if Adobe will eventually notice the loose of some part of the market. Dreamweaver doesn’t deserve the success it still owns (maybe some back in time, but not anymore).

I’m also expecting an aftermath of an Espresso vs. Coda… it’s gonna be lengen…. wait for it! …

.. dary!!!

Marcos Calatayud

Incredible. I would love to use it. I’m also one of the Coda users around here, but I’ll definitely give this a serious try when it comes out. Good luck with it!

Pieter Omvlee

I suspect most, if not all, Mac web developers are familiar with:
- Coda, CSSEdit, Dreamweaver, GoLive, iWeb, RapidWeaver and skEdit
- BBEdit and Textmate
- Captain FTP, Fetch, Flow, Interarchy, Transmit, Vicomsoft FTP and Yummy FTP
I’m an amateur but I’ve purchased all the apps I’ve listed.

Coda was undeniably beautiful and looked like it might be the answer to my app clutter, but, for me, inexplicably, Coda just didn’t feel right. I ended up using Textmate, Interarchy and of course CSSEdit.

CSS boggled my brain until I discovered CSSEdit. I’m looking forward to testing Espresso; I’m hoping it will deliver a fresh, logical approach to my disjointed workflow.

Frank Eves

Hi, great app,

Looking forward to this and i featured espresso on my blog.
Hope you don’t mind it, if so then i will delete the post.

Best Regards,

Hein Maas

Congratulations on the application. If Espresso is anywhere near TextMate in terms of text editing features and the bundles available, I will be very, very happy. I am among the users who started writing CSS with CSSEdit and I can’t wait for the next ADA winner from macrabbit :) .

Kind regards



Using BBEdit now, but eagerly waiting to give this a try since I am a BIG fan of CSSEdit.

Peter Ong

It’s so a good news that some team like macrabbit cares so much about webdesigners !!! thanks a lot: Days are going to be very long until november !


Killer feature request: Grids, both vertical and base-line.


Looks great! The icon makes me thirsty!!

Did you guy make the icon in-house or did someone create it for you?



Aargh! I can’t wait. This looks so salivatingly tempting. I’ve been frustrated by one or two things lacking in Textmate and a few on Coda. Hopefully Espresso will be the one that hits the nail on the head for me.

Gareth Williams



So looking forward to this. Especially interested in the context sensitive snippets- should be great for prototyping. Here’s hoping November comes quick. Signed up for the beta program – haven’t heard back yet.


This looks fantastic guys. I’m signed up for the beta as well.
Two questions I may have missed:

1. SVN support?
2. Price?


This looks really interesting. I will be submitting my beta teste resumé immediately.



Stefaan Lesage

Woohoo!! Signed up for the beta straight away; this app fits right in with my workflow unlike Coda and Dreamweaver. Here’s hoping I get that beta invitation soon….


Wow, this looks fantastic! How will this integrate with CSSEdit? Will there be a discount for existing CSSEdit owners?


This is great news! To me the most intriguing feature is the Navigator which will “reveal hierarchical structure”. This sounds like a unique and very useful feature.
Thank YOU!

Ian L.

Anyone have any idea when the beta will be released??? Give me something to look forward to, PLEASE!… I beg.


I’m very excited to get my hands on Espresso. This exactly what I need for my workflow.
I’ve also submitted a beta request.

Nathaniel Daught

Any idea when this will be out, maybe even just for beta? Also the email for signing up to test just bounces, at least for me. Is it an incorrect email address?

Paul Smith

BTW the email I used was app (without the space)

Paul Smith

I currently use Coda but I think this will end up being my tool of choice.

I have emailed my interest on testing as of last friday (26th Sept) but have not had my invitation yet! Please Invite Me! I already own CSS Edit and Would love to start using this and complete the best web development combo ever!


@Paul Smith

You might want to check the instructions for applying for the beta/preview again.
(The email address isn’t app@, it’s espresso@ from what I can read!) :)

Lee Nicholson

Features NOT to copy over: CSSEdit undo.

required name

Any idea on the launch date?


I really wish you’d either respond to the beta mailing list with a “you’re in” or “you’re not in”, or release a public beta for everyone to have alook to see what’s going on. I’d personally like to look into developing sugars but haven’t heard about the beta for over two weeks.

Me Too

@Lee Nicholson

OH! of course. I should have read more carefully haha. Thanks for pointing that out.

Paul Smith

@Paul Smith

No worries! Upon first read, I almost made the same error.

Still I believe I got the email address right for the beta, and am yet to hear anything :(
(But it will be worth waiting for I am sure.)

Lee Nicholson

Keep up the nice work!

Timothy Helmer

WooHoo! I have been selected to beta test! :-)


I feel obligated to tell you, that as great as the icon looks it does seem to be a poor espresso. A thin crema is BAD sign. I don’t want to offend, and I’m sure the creator wanted to make the icon a little more interesting, but as someone who is into coffe it looked somewhat weird :p


I want to beta test too! And I’m just today starting a new [huge] site. I would *really* love to put Espresso through it’s paces.


Seems awesome, but sincerely I will continue using TextMate, ’cause it support other languages that I use, but I don’t know, Espresso have impressed me a lot. Congratulation!

Rolando Murillo


Actually the actual look of the coffee is the least of this icons troubles. Sure, they could thicken it up a bit to be more accurate but the handle will still look awkward with its smaller top portion and the blocky ‘E’ stands out in stark contrast with the beautiful script used for the word mark. Fix the handle and find a way to bring in the ‘E’ from the script font, maybe even change the color of the espresso cup, the yellow isn’t doing anything for me except making me sick.

Me Too

I’m soo looking forward to using espresso… my Dreamweaver-CSSEdit combination is still lack of style and speed on HTML-Side. I just can’t wait to see it… to be honest, it’s even better than waiting for a new Apple-Product ;-)


I can’t wait for this release! I currently use a combination of Dreamweaver and CSSedit, but as everyone knows it’s just cumbersome. I’m currently trailing Coda, but I’m not impressed with how it handles CSS, and using Coda with CSSedit kinda defeats the purpose of Coda in the first place. I recently sent a request to be a beta tester but haven’t heard back :( Hopefully, there’s still room for more.

Tom Kercher

You guys are so cruel! Public beta? Test version? At least some videos? PLEASE?

I am getting sicker and sicker of Dreamweaver by the day, and more and more anxious for this app from heaven!!!


pretty please?

Jt Hollister

Jt, I couldn’t agree more. I need something to give me a fix.

Tom Kercher

For F’s sakes… This is really pissing me off. An entire month and no post? WTF?!? I only visit this site 3 times a day. GIVE UP THE BETA ALREADY! If not the beta, then more screen caps… details… something? The buzz is almost totally dead after 30 days of nothing. It’s getting to the point where I almost don’t even care anymore.


@mike: I only visit the site twice a day..

@devs: A video would be cool, beta invite would be better!! I had to have bee one of the first on the list, wonder who actually got in??


I came. I drooled. I wept. My present situation dictates the use of the accursed M$ hardware/software so I am doomed to watch the unwinding developments from the sidelines. Sigh.


Well, at least people are getting the shakes. Much like people who don’t get their physical espresso. Name choice appears accurate.

Colin Morris

I am sure that Jan will update us all when the beta is ready, those of us with invites already know roughly when this will be. I know people are anxious to see the new app but seems a little churlish to moan about it not being ready yet. Software development takes time and I’m sure Jan is working hard to get the beta to such a stage where we will be able to start using it anger and start developing those sugars for additional functionality.

Matt Shaw

@Matt Shaw: +1

@Mike: The original post was a call for beta testers. The buzz was surrounding beta testing for the application. The application is not yet released and the beta list has been compiled. The invitation email suggested that we will get the beta in the next few weeks. We are currently two weeks from the invitation email. I am just as anxious as everyone else, but complaining because the application is on track with the original release schedule does not make much sense to me.

Luke Gladding

@Matt Shaw: Rub it in, Rub it in…


I’m not on the beta list, but am also anxious to see what Espresso is like. Currently I use CSSedit with TacoHtmlEdit, but am looking to purchase something with some more capabilities. I was looking at Panic’s Coda, but Espresso has definitely caught my interest. I’m hopeful there will be some more info about it soon. However, I am a BIG believer in stability first and foremost – take the time necessary to do it right, just update us on the status every once in awhile.


I’m really interested in seeing how Espresso turns out. I’m a big fan of CSSEdit (I use it alongside Panic’s wonderful Coda). Panic and MacRabbit are excellent companies, with excellent software, so I’ll be torn between Coda and Espresso when the latter gets released! Good luck!

Andrew Smith

Come on Jan, Give us some more info.


@Luke Gladding,

I think the frustration stems from releasing screenshots from what appears to be a fairly well rounded, fully functioning piece of software bas on September 18th then ignoring comments, etc. for well over a month. It is not unreasonable to ask for more frequent updates, even if it’s a simple note that things are progressing as planned, the beta invites have been sent (of which I received one), and perhaps releasing a little more info about some of the features that have received the most attention lately. I realize I’ll get a chance to test Espresso out in a few more weeks but I’d like to learn more about sugars and how much of CSSEdit has made its way into Espresso (especially things like x-ray and milestones).

me too

Hey guys, stay tuned for more news. Just a little longer…

Jan Van Boghout

Got the beta. FAST! I have never seen anything that fast for editing files. Is Espresso caching all those files? Not sure what kind of magics you are employing but they are powerful, make sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Peter Sieburg

Fast is good. Fast I like.

You gave us a video! YAY! But it’s under a minute! BOOOOO!!!! :( But still, it’s an amazing feature that makes me that much more excited. YAAYYYY.

Yes, Espresso is a good name for this. I NEED IT!!!

Jt Hollister

uhm, I’d love to really test this thoroughly, but with this first preview version I just can’t. When’s the bi-weekly update?


Nils Hendriks

I never really got used to working with Coda, but I like to idea of integrated web design workflow tools. So I’ll definitely give Espresso a try once it’s out, especially since I’m expecting it to be just as spectacularly cool as CSSEdit :)


*Sigh* when do we get to try this baby out? Any update on how much development is left? Should we be expecting a November 30th release? :P I can’t wait! I just hope it doesn’t get delayed into December!

Jt Hollister

Coming? When? I have so much work to do and will NOT pay Adobe hundreds of dollars for Dreamweaver. If Espresso doesn’t release very, very quickly, I’m going to have to look elsewhere (ie. Coda). It’s a little frustrating to hear nothing at all for so long. With my customers, it always pays to let them know I’m having a delay. Communicating negative news is way better than communicating nothing at all.

AK Staab

AK Staab: As desperate as I am for news as well, reprimanding the company for not informing us on anything for a whopping *gasp* 20 days is completely ridiculous.

MacRabbit: give us some new please? :D

Jt Hollister

I hope this is better than Adobe PageMill.


Judging by the beta, I am quite certain it won’t be available this month.


Hey, the beta is out, but still many bugs to squash. I enjoy it a lot! It is much better than all of the other HTML editors I’ve tried, but some more themes could be awesome!


why dont you guys go for aptana studio in the meantime, i mean its great. its for free and it works like a charm.
doesnt look nice tho.


Checked back today for an update and finding none, purchased a competing product that’s actively maintained. I love it but not here to recommend it because that would be construed by the self-appointed police as *gasp*, completely ridiculous. Good luck, you guys.

AK Staab

i still waiting for espresso and reading the comments, oh boy they talking about aptana, i tried this out what is it a relic of the cold war? You have to try css edit and you will see the difference! i use coda but that`s not the end of the line, i wait for something different so what can i put under neeth my christmastree? A nice box espresso?
They say: “the early bird get´s the worm, but the second mouse get´s the cheese” so please …

Zauberer Berlin

I’m very excited to see this. As a user of CSSEdit & Textmate it would be great to see an integrated framework to speed my workflow!


Wow..that´s fast !


I dont think expresso will be any competition to coda.
I use coda everyday, and it is way more functional that the espresso beta. yes i know its beta, but i dont see any ftp integration, site management etc. idk, doesn’t work for me personally.


I see its Leopard only but I’d looooooove this if it was available for Tiger. Any chance of a future edition for Tiger?


@Joshua – download 1.0 It BLOWS Coda away.


i love the snippet Tab Trigger function. Espresso is very handy in many ways!

Aleks Maksimow

I’ve tried this app, but I’m missing a passive mode for FTP connect.


@Joshua … Just played with coda… its lumpy hard to manage… Download the 1,0 form Espresso and you will see that its way beyond coda


I use Coda everyday, and was never able to get into CSS Edit, so I don’t have that angle. I have high hopes for Espresso, particularly I like the arrangement of the left sidebar. And the Workspace is very intriguing. I also like the line numbers showing by default, and the ability to collapse sections of markup.

Overall though, it’s just not a Coda replacement for me. There’s too many features missing. Such as the project browser that Coda has. And there’s also a huge bug where the preview doesn’t even work. I suspect that perhaps that’s related to the fact that I have webkit/Safari 4 messing with it? And why do I need a .esproj file? There’s some great work, but I don’t think I’ll be able to switch just yet, maybe in 2.0

David Joyce

why don’t panic and macrabbit collaborate and make the piss-best editors out there?!