Espresso in Motion: Search

While the Espresso Preview website gives you a good idea about what features you can expect, some things are really not quite as exciting in a picture as in a movie. I’d like to share a little movie showing Espresso’s live searching, which you will be right at home with if you’ve used Safari’s search before.

The best thing about live search, however, is the live regular expression searching. When switched to regex mode, the search bar will provide coloring for the expressions, and display all matches right away. Live search especially makes replacing things much more convenient, as you’re never wondering exactly what you’re going to change — you just see it!

Looks cool…should be a real competitor for Coda!
I just purchased CSSedit so cant wait for this to go public! Any news on pricing yet?


PS – for the anti-spam – don’t capitalise the 1st letter


Could you include some regex code examples for filtering stuff?
Or can anybody direct me to a good regex tutorial?


Wow, I didn’t notice this option earlier :)


When you do the search and replace, how do you define “/1″???


Looks cool… real cool, actually. Tired of looking… Want to start coding w/ Espresso.


My God.

Andrea Pelizzardi


/1, /2 et cetera is a replacement for the regex search term.


So if I had .*?.*? I could then replace with /1/2 and it would turn up as:


If I would have switched /2 with /1 like /2/1 It would have turned out like:



Crap the html doesn’t show. I hoped it would’ve escaped it. Be careful about XSS! If one wants to see my real comment – view source.


Oh my GOD this is going to be sweet. I CAN’T WAIT! This has got to be the #1 most annoying thing about Dreamweaver, the big, bulky, worthless Find and Replace mechanism. I always wished it had something like Safari and, well, WOW! YOU’VE DONE IT! I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS!

So, about that “November” release… are we talking early November? You know, maybe like… November 1st? Pretty please?

Jt Hollister

Wow! I cannot wait (November 1st would be nice :-P ).



Thomas Stoecklein

I’m really starting to see the amazing use for this app… Maybe we can get some SVN or GIT support eventually. However, you guys are doing a great job!


Looks very good and prof! Attractive to start working with.



This is really shaping up to be a stellar app. Can’t wait.


Now for the deciding questions:

1. Does shift + return insert a ?
2. Does CMD + D on src values open the file?


Really looking forward to this – but, will it support PHP? I really want to be able to dump Dreamweaver from my list of apps.

Rob GS

Nice. This editor is going to be the perfect combination Coda and TextMate. Cannot wait.


Coda already does this with a * placeholder… Looking forward to seeing competitive features rather than ones that already exist in competing products.


This is great! E-Texteditor is my favorite editor on Windows (when I’m forced to use it), and I really love it’s live regex searches. Super handy for debugging them. I really miss that in TextMate (and the separate search window really bugs me).


I think the Espresso should integrate webkit “Preview” function as like as CSSEdit.

Otherwise, Espresso is simple, small and easy HTML development software.


@Matt: Coda does not do it nearly this elegantly. Besides that, they are both IDEs. They are bound to share some features.

@enjoylife: I’m pretty sure a Preview is already planned…I mean that’s kind of the point of the software.

I guess November 1st is out the Window…How about the 12th?? :P

Jt Hollister

I’m thinking we see Espresso on the 12th or the 13th. Why else would MacRabbit close down this blog thread? Please hurry. I have some work to do. Soon.


Ron McElfresh


That’s what I thought too initially. I must have read that a few times before I saw the 2009 ;) . That said, I’ll probably still check the macrabbit site several times today :) .

Luke Gladding

I’m hoping the latest beta will come out today – and that I’ll finally get an invitation to be a part of the beta program. I’m currently using a combination of Coda, CSSEdit and Transmit for my workflow which, if you consider the point of an IDE, is slightly counterproductive. So I’m looking forward to working in one app and, based on the marketing materials, it looks like Espresso might be it.

That said, without getting my hands on a beta I just won’t know. So I’m going to sit here and wait (im)patiently. :P

Joe Angrisano

I have a similar problem with coding. Too many applications running at once and the workflow is like a pinball– constant bouncing between applications.

I use Coda (promising but snippet organization and HTML is weak), Transmit (easy but slow), Yummy FTP (more complex but very fast), BBEdit (old habits are hard to break), Code Collector Pro (good for storing snippets of code but truly needs nested folders), xScope (is there a more useful utility?), and, of course, CSSEdit, which is by far the best CSS tool currently available. Add a decent code editor and some true snippet management to CSSEdit and it becomes a killer web development app.

What I see of Espresso looks very promising, though I admit that much of my anticipation is based upon how good CSSEdit is vs. the tidbits of information on Espresso.

Seeing is believing. Waiting is agony.

Ron McElfresh

“Add a decent code editor and some true snippet management to CSSEdit and it becomes a killer web development app.”

That’s exactly what I’m hoping for. Give me CSSEdit, a decent code editor, the proposed FTP functionality and snippets (that at least equal Coda) and I’m sold. SVN would just be the icing on the cake.

Joe Angrisano

Being able to easily organize and apply scripts to selected text, yet previewing the result before insertion can be a boost to coding. Espresso is coming with great expectative…


I am very excited about Espresso. Is there a tentative release date planned yet? There are only 10 days left on my Coda demo and I will need to make a decision by then and can’t afford both :-)


Espresso looks really promising and is actually the first editor that don’t crashes, when trying to open reeeeeeaaaallly huuuuuge files (10 mb xml files for instance). this alone makes Espresso very interesting, however there is one issue with Espresso: it’s pricing! Please fix your pricing! :-) 49 Euros + VAT is a hell of money (even textmate is muuuch cheaper – and additionally they have an EDU pricing).

still – looking forward for your release. i wish there was an real upgrade offer for people who recently bought cssedit… your “intro-pricing” is not really stellar :-)


I really can’t wait till I can get my hands on Espresso. I now use Smultron, CSSedit and photoshop de design my websites. I tried coda for a while but i didn’t buy it because i saw you where working on a new project. CSS edit is one of the best editors (if not the best) I have ever used. It just feels right.

Looking forward to the new product!


14 days left in my Coda trial, hope Espresso come’s out before that, even as a beta test.


Try checking the bay or a green demon.. there is beta ;)