Espresso With Lots of Ones

Time for an update! Espresso 1.1.1 is now available for everyone’s enjoyment. Version 1.1 adds pixel dimensions for image previews, RegEx searches for Find in Project, and a boatload of small but awesome improvements. Start your auto-updaters now, or hop over to the release notes for all the details!

Thanks for the update guys. It was a nice surprise at the end of a workday :)

Željko Prša

Thanks for the update!

The feature to view the pixel dimensions is awesome!

But I thought I had already 1.1.1 maybe I was just dreaming…


Great job; I’m with Zeljko: It was great to wrap up with :)

Adam Fairhead

Sweet. Pixel size is a big help.

Keil Miller Jr

Thank you guys, great product, love it.
Image size, and live web preview alert(); were my biggest feature requests, thanks.

Simon George

Great update, one problem: doesn’t work with remote folders that have files with names containing international characters

Maxim Bashevoy

Great stuff!

Hey so when will you add split-views and php web preview (like Coda does)?
Imagine having a split view with one side being the attached stylesheet, and the other side a web preview of index.php which is dynamically updated on a stylesheet edit! Or a split view with one side the code view of index.php, and the other side a dynamic web preview of index.php which is updated automatically on a code change.

Also, what about an option to autohide the workspace/files/publish sidepanel?…or at least have a smaller min-width (screen real-estate is a precious thing on a 13″ macbook).


I second Paul regarding the auto-hide option for the sidepanels. But don’t forget to auto-show it when the mouse touches the screen’s edge! (Clicking is for noobs ;) )


Nice update :)

It would be nice to have a preference setting to switch between single line and multi line CSS editing. As I like to write my styles in a single line, after every update I have to edit the CSS.suggar :(

Could there be more encoding options available? As I have to maintain some older sites in strange central European encodings (Windows-1250) i cant edit them in Espresso without breaking some characters and have to use other editors :(

Hrvoje Blažekovi?

Hey macrabbit team,

Thanks for the update. I was able to use the new pixel measurement feature at work today, very handy.

I’m curious as if there is a plan to add SVN into Espresso or not, having one would be extremely handy as I work on web apps quite often.



Thanks for the phtml support! :)

It removed my theme, its gone ;(

– Thanks


I’m a hardcore CSSEdit user but I’m kind of feeling the cold shoulder for this app from you guys…


Agree with Mario… Can we at least get a word on CSSEdit future? Are you done with it for good? :(


CSSEdit is not dead, but we’ll not be publishing a roadmap.

Jan Van Boghout

Great update thanks guys
Especially the pixel dimensions – thank the Lord.
Could we see a terminal built in please?
Pretty please????!


I agree with Hrvoje (comment #9), It would be really nice to have a preference setting to switch between single line and multi line CSS editing.


Is it just me, or does this release seem a bit unstable?

Getting frequent crashes when unfolding folded code, and I can’t seem to connect to my ftp server anymore (same settings that worked with v1.1)
This is the error I get (I blanked out the domain with asterisks), anyone else experiencing the same?

The operation couldn’t be completed. Couldn’t resolve host name (Could not resolve host: *************** (Misformatted domain name))


Looks like that FTP error was specific to the hotel internet connection I was in…strange though, because Cyberduck connected fine.


Hello! Thanks for the update.
Do you plan to support any source control software? It would be very nice to see that in Espresso!


@Paul: same here. a crash per hour. first time i’ve experienced a crash with espresso at all.



Thanks for the update guys, I don’t regret buying your product! Keep up the good work ^^


I’m getting some weird bugs with this version.. The close buttons in the workspace don’t align with the file I have highlighted, instead appearing next to the file two above.. Also, my context menu (on right click) appears ~two lines below where I’ve clicked throughout the app.


Moving on… errr… not. I tried Coda and Flux and found them too busy (Coda and Flux) and slow (Flux). Then, I got an email from Jan apologizing for the delays and providing me with the needed upgrade info. A sigh of relief because I no longer feel compelled to switch to the other, less zen-like, solutions. CSSEdit still rules my workflow.

Alexandre Rousseau

I always have ftp problems, no problem with Filezilla or Cyberuck.


I agree with comment #9 & #16- It would be really nice to have a preference setting to switch between single line and multi line CSS editing. The returns that are automatically inserted are annoying.

Also, any thoughts on adding a support forum? I think you guys would be smart to add one. So us users could help each other instead of sending you guys support emails all the time. :)


I’m sure Espresso is a great app. I’ve tried it. I’ve tried TextMate. I’ve tried Coda. But I keep coming back to BBEdit. Which I still love. Even though it’s not as pretty. My point is… there are tons of options out there for text editors. So I can live without Espresso. CSSEdit on the other hand is an app that I literally could NOT live without and nothing else like it even exists (Firebug is only really good for debug… not developing). I’ve used it daily not for years and I can’t imagine going back to the old ways of making a change in the CSS and reloading it in a browser and hoping for the best. Please update CSSEdit. And what does it mean that it has not been abandoned but you will not be publishing a roadmap? You’re sending mixed signals I’m afraid.


I second Paul too.

Php pages preview is a must, even Rapidweaver (an app for “normal users” rather than developers) does it.

Why not just consiedering a sort of integration with MAMP???


One more suggestion…a progress window when publishing single files.
When I right-click a file in the file browser and Publish to server, there is nothing to tell me when the upload is complete (especially needed when publishing large media (flv) files).


Could you add an option for a mobile me server?


downloaded a trial version of Espresso and really liked it!
But there is one annoying thing: I have written all my css in single line and want to keep this. If you could add this feature, I would purchase your product immediately. (the handling of spaces between properties and values in css is such a thing as well..)

Please contact me, if you’ll update Espresseo.



Great application, purchased it today. I’m also interested in remote control features (specially svn) and/or terminal integration. Other than that, this is the best web development tool out there.


Just 2¢ to add, but please don’t add any features!

Continue what you’re doing: fix bugs, update the text layout engine, fix crashes and hangs, and improve the autocomplete. You’ve got a rock solid foundation with which to build a very nice app. But please don’t succumb to feature bloat and tack on endless features without refining the core first.


I love this product, cant wait to use it. Few problems though-HTML and PHP are not working well together and everytime I reopen my files, they get erased. All that said, I agree with Mark, when this gets fixed it will absolutely be the best. Bar none.