Funny Nag Contest

It’s been a blast reading all the funny nags we’ve been sent! The following users and their friends are now happy Espresso owners. Congratulations on having a great sense of humor!

  • Day 1: Frank Jonen
  • Day 2: Kaylo Naivaklam
  • Day 3: Mike Mullikin
  • Day 4: Christoph Budzinski
  • Day 5: Martin Taylor
  • Day 6: Giulio Lucci
  • Day 7: Shan Huang
  • Day 8: John Sj√∂berg
  • Day 9: Chris Kinsman
  • Day 10: Mark Howson
  • Day 11: Brian Morykon

We’ll be updating this post as the Funny Nag Contest goes on. An important note: there’s no need to send your idea on a specific day to have a better chance of winning. Every day we take our favorite of all the nags we’ve received so far. Today was definitely a challenge, because there were lots of really fun entries!

We haven’t heard from you since you borrowed that Espresso machine. Who are you kidding, you’re never gonna send it back to us. You might as well buy it. We’ll make it easy for you.

Ahmad Alhashemi

Awwww you broke my heart guys. ; ( (That’s not a wink that’s a tear) When do we get to see the winning submissions?

Chris Waterman

BWAHAHAHAHAAAA! That’s hilarious!


Hey there, If you could create an iPad version of Espresso the iPad could replace my laptop for 90% of the time.

Please consider a port to iPad.




I agree with RevFry an iPad version of espresso would be ace!


I have my iPad. Still hoping for Espresso for the iPad.