Going Euro

As a Belgian business, MacRabbit has been significantly impacted by the quirkiness of the USD. Looking purely at Euro revenue, one might think CSSEdit is hardly more useful now than it was at 1.0. For the past years I’ve avoided passing along currency fluctuations to the customer while developing kick-ass products, but we’re at a level where it can’t be called a fluctuation anymore.

Therefore, MacRabbit apps will be priced in Euro instead of US Dollar as of 26 March 2008 (including any future mystery products). Move fast if you want to take advantage of the current pricing!

Let’s hear it for the U.S. recession, everybody!

Ricky Romero

Even if you charged 100 Euro for the app, I would still buy it! As usual: If you need a passionate beta/alpha-tester…

Tim Van Damme

Charge whatever you think is fair and people will still buy it. I know I will – I’d buy it at any price. It’s a great app. CSSEdit + TextMate = Love.

Eric Blackburn

last chance coupon?


wow, so cool the site is ~i like it~


c-ha, the current dollar price is pretty much a coupon on its own :)

Jan Van Boghout

Hahha. Sure is. Like others, I’d gladly pay more for CSSEdit. Such a brilliant application that I couldn’t live without. Can’t wait to taste any new mystery apps.

Marc Edwards

I’ll repeat what others have already said. The current USD price that you charge for CSSEdit is incredibly fair, and I’ll gladly pay whatever price you decide to charge for it in the future.

Jonathan Melville

Go ahead man, charge 100€ for it. It’s definetly worth it (thats 2 hours of professionally paid CSS coding in my case). Give away a cheaper license for students, so they can afford it.


I think it is a fair change in your commercial policy and also take the occasion to tell you how good is your CSSEdit!!!!

- It is a belgian product (yeah!)

- It is incredibely well designed for designer

- It is a beautiful to use.

As an example, http://www.quatuor.be is now designed with your soft (including the blog, etc.) and I cannot even think to use another software for that!

Congratulations and I am looking forward to see what you will invent in the future ;-)


Well first gas prices, then my corn dog costs more and now CSSedit is going up in price! These are dark times.


Aww… wish I had know about this program earlier! Instead I purchased ‘Style Master’ and I am not very happy. Keep up the great work!!!

Dee Dee

It makes more sense – and I’ll keep supporting MacRabbit. I’ve been an early adopter and a 2.0 beta-tester, and the response I’ve had from Jav over perhaps the most esoteric functionality has been outstanding. He gets it – keep the users happy, give them as much functionality as possible and keep it clean.

Of course it’s the Belgian way. ;)

Jim Trascapoulos

Just purchased CSSEdit and LOVE it! I’m getting things done so much faster than I did when using Style Master (what a waste of money). I plan on supporting this software for as long as its around! Again, keep up the great work!

Dee Dee