Hello Again

“Is MacRabbit dead”? A question I never expected to read, and one I will hopefully never see again. But it has been asked and needs an answer: “it’s alive”!

Few people know this, but MacRabbit was a one-student venture for a long time. It was born out of a love for beautiful design and software, and slowly grew from a hobby to something resembling a one-man company. For Espresso, a great friend stepped in to become the second developer/rabbit. The rush of creating an awesome new app made us announce early, but then life caught up with us and took revenge.

Lénaïc and I started our last year at university after the announcement, which turned out to come with a crazy workload while feedback for Espresso was reaching unprecedented volumes. Long story short, juggling this double life led to the current situation where people wonder if MacRabbit lives. This is unacceptable. I would like to apologize for the situation and commit to a brand new MacRabbit.

We will soon both be working on our software full-time, which means the extreme interference caused by our academic lives is at an end. MacRabbit 2.0 starts today, but it will take a while to rectify the mistakes 1.0 made. At the moment we are systematically going through our e-mail feedback and while we may not be able to reply to every single feature idea, please be sure we’re taking note of your requests.

Expect an Espresso maintenance update soon, which will bring us one step closer to the goal of making our FTP engine compatible with nearly everything. Be sure to send any server problems to us, as it is the only way we can know and do something about it. To make the development process a bit more manageable, we’ll also be switching back to hand-picked Kaboom testers that are happy to test unfinished releases. Simultaneously, we’re working on the more significant 1.X Espresso releases that will gradually add many of the most obvious features. We’ve also learned our lesson when it comes to pre-announcing, so we won’t be saying anything about what or when.

Last but not least we would like to thoroughly thank our most awesome users, who have been supportive even at the worst of times. We’ve made it hard for you at times, but we’re dedicated to restoring your trust as MacRabbit evolves into a true company with a bright future ahead of it.

Looking forward to whatever you guys have in store! You have some great products, and we await seeing you take them to the next level!

Drew Tufano

That’s good news, but I hope you’re planning a maintenance release for CSS Edit too, even if it it’s not the new hotness.

Nathan Youngman

Great news! i hope you guys nail the semester and can get back to making awesome software :)

Fernando Lins

Welcome back! :)

Marco Jardim

Good news everyone!

(+1 on a CSSEdit maintenance release at some point in the future)

Alex Gordon

Thrilled to hear something from you guys. I loved the first release of Espresso but it’s been unusable on Snow Leopard. I can’t wait until it’s updated to work with Apple’s upcoming OS X release.

Kevin Hoctor

Yay! Glad to hear it :)

Chris Drackett

Thanks for the news! I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Espresso.

Marc Charbonneau

Glad to hear it- welcome back. I’m looking forward to some updates!

Jason Reed

Nice! Welcome back :)

Shlok Datye

Glad to hear it guys! Can’t wait for the 1.X release of Espresso :)

Ben Counsell

Hi Jan and Lénaïc,
great to hear, your university time has come to an happy end :-)

I’m one of those, who asked, if espresso is death or alive and i’m glad to hear, you are on board the ship again :-) )

Since the very beginning of Espresso, i’m working off and online to manage my sites and 95% of the time espresso is my best friend! There are many things, i’m waiting for… but the app is that good, that i will wait some more months, because Espresse is worth all the waiting!

Your greatest mistake of the last weeks, was not the missing weekly updates!
No… that there was not a single word of you, that you are in a “waiting position”…

But now “the time” is over and i’m glad to know, that you will develope your GREAT Espresso to THE TOP of OS X Editors, which i will use for the next years :-)

much luck


The outcome of your work guys is really amazing! If I have to define what an almost perfect (if we agree that there’s nothing’ perfect) Mac application is – checkout macrabbit.com! Keep up the good work!

Dimitar Haralanov

Great news! :-)


Truth will always win out in the end, and you guys are doing excellent work in the app field, so regardless of lumps or mistakes along the way, the basic truth that your apps are excellent shines through and will ensure your success.

Good luck for a speedy progress to your goals and thanks for the great apps.

Alan Bristow

Good to hear you guys are back in business! I am looking forward to the new stuff.


Fantastic news. Really, really looking forward to seeing what will come in future updates. I knew MacRabbit was not dead, but it is reassuring to learn development is stepping up a gear again.


Well done – that was well said. Congratulations on going full-time on MacRabbit, thats a huge step forward and one that I’m quite sure will produce some awesome results.

Keep us posted, huh?



Good to hear that you are still around! I found your software nearly what I was after for my day to day work and would love to be involved in any testing if you need testers. The software was so close to what I needed and I would have bought it if it wasn’t for some small user issues i had.

Good luck to you and I’ll be hanging out for new releases / features.


I’m so excited to hear from you guys. Glad to hear you are doing well, I hope your academic carrer is treating you well too!

Ivan Novak

thanks guys! I’ve been using Espresso as my main tool to code HTML/CSS pages and I love the simplicity.

My main feature request would be: make inserting images as backgrounds in CSS code easier. At the moment I have to type the whole path manually. Would be nice if an option to browse my image folder would pop-up after typing “url” or something like that. Maybe just drag and drop from the project area?

keep up the good work and good luck!!!


I have been checking this blog so much and i am SO happy to see an update.

please beat the next release of Coda/Textmate , imo context/project sensitive code insight will be the key to separating yourself from the pack.

The espresso UI is my favourite and i hope you come though.

best of luck.

Arnold Almeida

Awesome, this news is great to hear!

Looking forward to the 1.X updates.

Thanks for letting us know you’re alive



Thanks guys, keep up the good work. I’m an avid user, all my website design (including http://mmott.com) nowadays is done using cssedit/espresso, marvelous work, looking forward to continuing development.

groeten van de andere kant van de grote plas.


Along with everyone else.. this is fantastic news. I’m glad you guys are back in business. Welcome back


Thanks for the update and welcome back. Looking forward to getting a preview that works from a local server. Also hoping future versions of Espresso will be slightly less forgetful. I’d love to see this application finally remember my window / panel positions and settings. :-)


Great news guys!

Looking forward to see what the future brings from MacRabbit.

Keep up the good work.


Took too long. I ended up looking for another solution. Called Coda. I bet you lost many customers. But your aren’t alone. Textmate is having the same troubles.

Stephen Cox

Good to know. Looking forward to whatever comes next.


“Espresso releases that will gradually add many of the most obvious features. We’ve also learned our lesson when it comes to pre-announcing, so we won’t be saying anything about what or when.”

Would you please consider releasing a roadmap? I know you don’t want to get burned by an angry community, but it would be nice if the community could have a sense of where you’re going. I think there’s also value in having the community keep you honest, even if it is overwhelming at times. Perhaps you could avoid putting dates on the roadmap, but it would be nice to know which direction you’re heading and what your priorities are.

Thank you for your time,

Brian Egan

Glad to hear you again.

I was confident about the fact MacRabbit was still alive. I was surprised to learn about the amont of developers that were working on the project. It makes your product even more impressive. I hope your talent will help for next versions. ;)


Great to hear from you.

It speaks volumes that you continue have such a healthy user base while needing to temporarily vacate the development progress.

I’m a big fan of your apps, and can only hope for a bright future for your software and for your future with MacRabbit. Looking forward to any integration between Espresso and CSSEdit, also.

Keep up the good work,

Adam Fairhead @ Fairhead Creative

Adam Fairhead


great news! just bought a license to encourage your “new commitment”.



Very, very glad to hear it, guys.

If your new products are anything like Espresso (which I use on my work machine instead of DW), I will continue to support ya.



I’m with “pwanning” above, I just bought a licence as well. The simplicity and cleanliness of everything drew me in and the layout of the FTP sold it. Looking forward to more updates!


Thank you. It is always nice to hear from devs, good or bad news.
I use Espresso all the time and love it. I have my license, and Coda isn’t different enough for me to switch, so I’ll support ya.
My main request is better code complete – would be nice for Javascript, PHP. Autosave would be good too, maybe with versions and revert. If CSSEdit merged with Espresso I think that would be great, because I don’t feel I ‘need’ it separately so haven’t purchased. Lastly, less bugs, then I love it!

Keep at it, and remember, even small updates make us jump like happy rabbits :)

Simon George

I for one am excited. I have been using CSSedit for several years and don’t know how I would get along without it. I use it daily. I just purchased Espresso and absolutely love it, minus some of the obvious needs. I love its one window interface and I’m looking forward to some awesome CSS edit and Espresso integration.

Glad to hear you guys are focusing on software and I want to continue to support you because you do a great job on the interface and applications. In fact I’m hoping to see some great apps I haven’t even thought of!

Thanks for the post and this puts aside my question of your existence.

Take care and I look forward to the next few releases of Espresso and CSSedit.

Matthew Norris

Hey! I’m glad to hear that you still live. I really like your software and think that the next update of Espresso will be awesome.

Benedikt Rossgardt

Good to hear and I hope you end up with a well deserved degree. First take some time off and then back to XCode…


Glad to hear this, I am a big fan of Espresso, looking forward to whatever you guys come up with!


Lovely!Excellent news coming from you guys … Congrats on finishing the university and good luck in your struggle to make espresso even better

Andrei Busuioc

Great news! Can’t wait to see what’s new in Espresso.


Positively surprised!

Honestly I thought espresso was like a good dream, which was about to get even better, and right then I woke up.

And honestly I was so disappointed that I didn’t think anything you could say would ever bring back the excitement.

But your words are so sincere they remind me of the same type of attitude that brought us all the goodness in the first place. I mean espresso 1.0 didn’t come out of nowhere!

And to not feel like a hypocrite, I was in an especially forgiving mood after just minutes ago made a long-awaited blog post for my own start-up, in which I almost called out espresso as what we do Not want to be like (I’m really glad I didn’t).

Anyways, looking forward to your excellence and elegance. Good luck!


Woah! I can’t wait for the new versions of Espresso! :D


I am looking forward to the update for Espresso. The program has so much potential. Thanks for informing us that you are still alive ;-)

Gerald Stangl

Espresso is a great application. Can’t wait for it to work under Snow Leopard.


This is outstanding news to hear!! I have been using CSS Edit since its release. I’ve been waiting for some updates and glad to hear that some are finally on the way.

I hand-code all my work while Dreamweaver sits on my iMac unused. I have been using Expresso since its release and while it does have some obvious improvements to be made, overall its a fantastic application and easily in my Top 5 developer-apps. Really looking forward to some fixes, updates, and improvements though.

I am really looking forward to Snow Leopard, so I was pretty unhappy to hear that Expresso is having a lot of issues and is unstable. I don’t know what I’ll do until Expresso is compatible :(

Keep up the fantastic work and apps!


This is great news. CSSEdit is the app that finally taught me how CSS actually works, and Espresso took over as my main HTML editor from TextWrangler – it’s not perfect by any means but it has lots of promise. I too looked to Coda (as I had done before Espresso even came out) but I found its CSS editor to be inferior to CSSEdit and didn’t auto update when I saved css files externally.

+1 for CSSEdit update: would be nice to have attributes like max-height/width, cursor, etc. in the UI

+100 for Espresso update so that it doesn’t suck on my dual G5 when I’m just text editing!!!

Ian Davies

I’m looking forward to the FTP update – currently, Espresso hangs when the connection drops during a file transfer (for the auto-save to FTP, which is an awesome feature).

Jason Miller

Hang in there guys. You have the starts of a great product.


I like Expresso, and I think its a strong contender for Dreamweaver and Coda, but I kind of have problems with the way the publish system works. The update feature scans and compares the local and live. This is good if I want a true mirror of both local and server, but sometimes I just want to update a few files. I like Coda’s approach in this where in, it will give me the option of updating only the files I’ve mark for publishing or just recently edited.


I’m new and learning, and am impressed with the trial version of CSSEDIT. I have a question about ESPRESSO… does it include the same functionality for editing CSS files as does CSSEDIT? Your products look great – even to a newbie.

Doug Hamilton

Don’t forget about CSS Edit!!!! I LOVE this application. It’s made my life a million times easier the past year+. So great. Everyone raves about Firebug when I tell them about CSS Edit… but they don’t understand… CSS Edit is a development platform… not just an inspector. Different tools. And I really dislike Coda. TextEdit is okay but I’m still using BBEdit. Ugly by today’s standards… but wickedly powerful. But I digress.

CSS Edit… couple of things.

1. When you reformat the code, comments within declarations end up getting line breaks… breaking your CSS.

2. I’ve been using the app for well over a year and I still find I can never tell when I’m in X-Ray mode or not. Needs to be a LOT more obvious. When developing, you need to frequently switch from a live page (to test) to an x-ray page (to debug). I use cmd-x a lot… but again… half the time I’m flipping into the “wrong” mode. The only indicator is the location bar. Not obvious enough.

3. I always write my declarations on a single line… so I would LOVE the option to turn off the left sidebar listing the selectors. For me, it’s redundant. This would give me a little more horizontal space. Which I love… because as I say… I code every declaration on one line.

4. It would be great to be able to automatically create a selector by clicking on something in x-ray mode and saying “make selector”. You’d get a full path selector which you could then edit as desired.

5. Override and edit is awesome… but it would be nice sometimes to just get the URL for the override and not have to create an entirely new document. I could then simply paste the URL at the top of a local copy of the CSS file that I’m already working with.

6. Please… I’m begging you… when in X-Ray mode… make the esc key deselect all. That would be SO handy. Easier than having to mouse around and click the tiny X at the start of the selector ladder. Keyboard shortcuts are nice :)


Please, don’t let CSS Edit die.
Css 3 support for example :)
I bought all of your software, but CSS EDIT is one of my fav’


@Doug Hamilton

Espresso does not currently include CSSEdit’s functionality. That’s to say there’s no visual CSS editing, no x-ray functionality, milestones or overrides. I suppose the two programs are meant to work together, however in practice it’s not an especially efficient workflow. There’s no way to open files in CSSEdit from within Espresso and files edited in CSSEdit won’t always show up for publishing within Espresso. So I’ve not found an easy way to use both of these products together even though they are technically complimentary in nature.

Hopefully future updates to one or both of the programs will address this issue. Personally I’d like to see CSSEdit’s features rolled into Espresso but I’d also like to see CSSEdit continue to be sold as a separate product for those of us who don’t use Espresso.


Great work, guys! I’m glad to see MacRabbit is becoming a “real” company! I love Espresso for the way it previews and keeps everything in sync with the servers, and I’m excited for any improvements.


@ David

“4. It would be great to be able to automatically create a selector by clicking on something in x-ray mode and saying “make selector”. You’d get a full path selector which you could then edit as desired.”

This feature is already in CSSEdit:

In x-ray mode, click on the element you want a selector for.
Make sure the Inspector is visible.
Click on the “New Style” button at the bottom of the inspector.
You will be offered the choice of creating a new selector for that element using the Selector Builder, a simple selector matching just the selected element, or complete selector that matches the hierarchy of the selected element.

Ian Davies

Oh, hope you get the wheels rolling guys. BTW, anyone who knows the proper shortcut for “Go to Line” in CSSEdit? initiating Apple+L shows the web preview instead :( also another problem for me is the text wrapping… hope the next update would include those two :D


This is great news, Espresso has a lot of potential and I am absolutely looking forward to future updates! I’ve been using it regularly and the FTP problems are the only things I’m not satisfied with, otherwise it’s already a great piece of software.


@Joey on post 55.

One trick you can do in Expresso is to add Safari’s Web Inspector to the application itself. Its no CSS EDit, but I find its been useful to have some sort of X-ray features found in CSS edit within expresso itself.


Congratulations on finishing up your studies, guys. Please-o-please fix all the bugs in CSSEdit (for those of us who’ve already bought it) before you concentrate *all* your efforts on new projects! As you may (or may not?) have read in my periodic emails, the application has become dysfunctional to the point of useless for me.


Sadly i have lost all desire and hope for anything MacRabbit.

A courtesy email stating current difficulties with the company should have ATLEAST been sent to customers who have been sending countless emails with no response.

This is ridiculous and completely unprofessional. Espresso is useless and whether it has potential or not is quite frankly obsolete at this point.

Everyone is so keen on supporting small developers, but this is a conspicuous indicative to why i will no longer take part in this.

Maybe you’ll win my colleagues and I back, but maybe not.

I sincerely hope it wont be too little too late.