Introducing HTMLEdit… errr, Espresso 1.0!

A long, long time ago in a galaxy very nearby, we wanted a HTMLEdit to go with CSSEdit. Over time, this idea grew from “let’s make a HTML editor” to “let’s make a foundation that can make editing any language as fun as styling in CSSEdit”. Today, Espresso 1.0 is our first step towards that goal: an efficient, powerful development tool with finesse.

If you’ve been testing the Public Beta (thanks!), you’ll find new features that make your life even easier: Quick Publish for easy uploading and sleek Snippets with powerful dynamic options. For new arrivals, Espresso still follows the same formula: power editing, blazingly fast publishing, previewing and much more — all wrapped in a slick interface.

Grab a coffee and… give Espresso 1.0 a whirl!

Congrats! Snippets looks great! The PHP itemizer is looks pretty slick too :D !

Derek Reynolds

For those of us who are lazy, can you please make some screencasts of the app?


Good work soldiers!

Gary Rozanski

I’ll be trying it out immediately. You may want to update the background image for the disk image though :) . It still says public beta in the background.

Kind regards and congrats

Luke Gladding

Luke Gladding

Great to see that Espresso ships…. errr, downloads version 1. Congrats, I’d say! It’s good to have YAT (Yet Another Tool) added to the Mac Webdev arena. Glad to see the Quick Publish and Snippets sections added to the final. Hope to see a Quick Publish button in the Settings screen in version 1.0.1 soon though, as it is a tedious thing to add it to every single page of a site. That said I’m not entirely sure if Espresso is worth buying yet. It’s powerful, goodlooking and very promising, but as it is now it’s no replacement for either C from P or T from A.O. I hope you can make it into the allmighty WebDev Powertool it potentially is. It probably will be when CSSEdit is part of the package (as in ‘integrated’). 14 Days to make up my mind, eh.


FYI to everyone interested in PHP support. This release of Espresso does not contain the latest version of the PHP sugar.

See here for the latest version. Currently, when using the latest PHP sugar with Espresso 1.0, it does not override the built in PHP sugar, so duplicate snippets show up. Hopefully this is fixed in the next release.

Derek Reynolds

I cant believe the CSS editor is currently plain and very unlike CSSEdit.

You guys could had a GREAT hit if you insert CSS Edit inside the Css editor of Espresso.

The CSS editor sucks completely, and there is no way to have a visual editor of the CSS. You have to manually edit the text.

I would really buy Espresso if it had that feature (among others). Guess I´ll stick with DreamWeaver + CSSEdit.

Alejandro Negrete Mateos

As a user of CSSEdit, it’s hard to give up such a great app to switch to Espresso. I love the idea of the workspaces and the publishing options, but CSSEdit is S O O O O nice, it’s hard to leave that behind.

I’d love to see a blog entry that breaks down the differences between the products and who it’s for, or something to that effect.


Great work on the beginnings of a fantastic editor, guys; I’m very much a fan. Performance is solid and the user interface is simply beautiful; better than all of the competition.

I feel quite differently than the others requesting a more robust CSS editor. I understand that Espresso is aimed a bit more at hard core developers and, as a self-proclaimed hard core developer, I would be absolutely deterred from the application if a “fancy” CSS editor was added to the application. I might even venture to say I’d be somewhat insulted.

Also, the Verle illustration is so amateur! Perhaps provide us with a (hack-free) method of disabling it?

Keep up the good work!

Clive Mayfield

I’d disagree with the amateur status of Veerle’s illustration – I think it fits perfectly with the company’s image. From the “IE Sucks” on CSSEdit’s icon to the cartoon-esque icons you use in your applications, I absolutely love the playful style that Macrabbit takes on such powerful and productive apps – thanks for keeping/making it fun to work!

Looking forward to getting into 1.0! Congrats on the launch!


Congrats for the Espresso 1.0 launch !
If you don’t add a CSSEdit-like CSS editor, could you add a function (button) to open .css files in CSSEdit ?
It could be a good agreement imho.


> The CSS editor sucks completely…

Totally disagree Alejandro.

One of the reasons I like Espresso and had been a Coda user previously was that they aren’t DreamWeaver with all the unnecessary kitchen-sink-garbage it comes with.

The old adage still holds true – anyone who’s serious about putting web sites together should be able to code by hand. However, saying that it would still be useful to incorporate the more visual aspects of CSSEdit into Espresso. I just hope it doesn’t become ‘fancy’ and unusable as time goes by. The big selling point of Espresso right now is its workspace and speed (it’s now an even more depressing experience, if such a thing could be possible , whenever I’m forced to return to MS Visual Studio for some ‘back-end’ stuff – groan).

A great 1.0 release – looking forward to the future!

Cali Cardiff

Looks very promising, but I’ll have to see if it really can replace TextMate or BBEdit on a daily basis.

The “add tag” button is nice, but IMO if you have a selection that button should WRAP the selection with a tag, not replace it.


Congratulations on the 1.0 release! I’m a huge fan of CSSEdit and have enjoyed playing with Espresso as it has made its way through the beta process. I can only imagine what it takes to build an application like this. With a solid interior to the app, I now look forward to the polish that will make this app truly indispensable. I’ve noticed a few issues along the way I was hoping you would address:

Sugars and Themes – you link to them, nowhere do you say how to actually install them (though the wiki did)
FTP – never lets you know a connection failed (for an incorrect password or server)
Tabs – With your gorgeous tabs in CSSEdit, the tabs here are… not tabs.
CSS – I mildly agree with the comments about the CSS editing abilities. I love CSSEdit, but its entire purpose is to edit CSS. Many of the pieces I like about it were carried over, but Espresso doesn’t have the same feel to it as CSSEdit does. I’m sure that will just come with time.
Live Preview – Sure would be wonderful to have the ability to split the window to see the live preview in one half, and the code in the other (or even code in both).

Congrats again on the release. Well done!


What a great release. I compared it side by side to Coda and I must admit that for some reason unbeknown to me, I’m much more drawn to Espresso. With that said, I’m a bit disappointed that the CSS editing isn’t as robust as that of CSSEdit’s. I just wish that you guys can incorporate CSSEdit into Espresso. Either way, I’m looking forward to the next release. =]


I think Cali Cardiff’s comment (#12) said it best.

@Andrew: I totally understand (and agree) with Macrabbit’s playful branding. Frankly, while she’s a good designer, I don’t find Verle to be a very good illustrator. But again, it would be nice to at least provide an option to disable the image; the guy sitting next to me keeps staring at my monitor every time the Virgin Suicides rainbow coffee explosion appears.

Clive Mayfield

Sorry — totally forgot to finish the thought on my last post!

I think Cali Cardiff’s comment (#12) said it best: “Anyone who’s serious about putting web sites together should be able to code by hand.” My attraction to an application like this is that it doesn’t have too many extra features tacked on. CSSEdit is a tool for a different audience, and, really, is it in MacRabbit’s interest to blow away their flagship application?

Clive Mayfield

Steve said, “The “add tag” button is nice, but IMO if you have a selection that button should WRAP the selection with a tag, not replace it.”

Have you tried Actions->HTML->Wrap Selection In Tag? It should treat you almost identically to Textmate’s command (except that Espresso currently has some bugs with mirrored transformations, so if you stick a class in your tag it’ll show up in the closing tag; hopefully this will get fixed soon).

P.S. If it’s not working at all (just sticking in the closing tag), redownload Espresso. The earliest 1.0 release had a buggy version of TEA for Espresso included (the Sugar responsible for the Actions->HTML and Actions->Format menus). The most recent 1.0 download has a much less bug-tastic version.

Ian Beck

Overlooking the obvious stuff (Live preview doesn’t work via the local server & the glaring absence of visual CSS editing), I’m still really disappointed that you can’t resize the sidebar globally. I use a lot of snippets and its a pain to have to resize the bar for *every single file*. Moreover even the snippet type toggles from file to file (between standard and user). Please fix this. It’s incredibly annoying.


@Cali Cardiff

I dont mean that i dont know how to code by hand. Its like saying “I am better web designer because i use a plain text editor”. I mean… Do you select HEX Colors by hand? Do you memorize all millions of posible HEX Colors they exists?

I dont think that bringing the power of CSS Edit into Espresso would affect CSSedit sales. I mean, there are people who justs want to get a CSSEditor and there are people who are willing to pay much more for THE BEST ALL IN ONE web development suite. Why always limit or restrict features? I dont care if Espresso is 200 dollars. I would pay it if they decide to create a very powerful and fancy software.

And about DreamWeaver.. i dont like it much either. But there are some great features that neither Coda or Espresso are willing to do (first thing in mind is the Split View, the ability to remote load ID’s and Classes from an external stylesheet, and some times to add content in the “visual view” like tables that are a really pain in the *ss)


Alejandro Negrete Mateos

Congratulations! You guys must be feeling pretty good right about now.

Enjoying Espresso very much and looking forward to following its development.


I made a couple of screencast for any new users who are interested. They go over some of the basic features to get you started, and extending Espresso, by installing Sugars and Themes.

Derek Reynolds

Would like to see some screencasts on this. Trying to determine how it compares to Coda. I have a license to Coda but If this works better for me will definitely get it.


I agree with those who don’t want to see CSSEdit integrated, there’s no need to clutter up an application with every possible feature and for the target audience it seems like it’s unnecessary…

Haven’t been able to test the app much for one simple reason – I develop everything on remote servers, and have password access disabled on all of them. Is there a way to use a private key instead of a password when connecting? I couldn’t find anything about this in the wiki.


Again, another mac code editor without basic features. No brace matching, no auto-indenting, can’t just open a tab and goto File / open from FTP to open a random file of my choice, no Perl support (but yes, somebody could create a Sugar for that), no highlight of current line… I could go on. Mac developers really need to start looking at Windows and editors like Editplus just to get the basic editor part right and THEN start adding all the fun Mac like stuff.

No Mac editor gets it right, and that’s why I still need Parallels.

Richard Smith

Being a long time Coda user I was very skeptical at first. Strangely enough I’ve been swayed over to Espresso, generally because I prefer the interface and it feels nice to work in. Only requests I could possibly have is a Split View, the ability to go into folders and integration of CSSEdit. Good work boys!

Alex Rogahn

Espresso is featured in the bundle once they reach a set amount of sales on the bundle it will be unlocked :)


I’m trying out the demo – this is really nice. Quick Publish is a great idea, and I like the publishing stuff in general and how everything is explained really clearly. The tag auto-complete is exceptionally well done – I really like how you can auto-complete the tag immediately by hitting return, or wait for it to do it for you when you start typing the closing tag. I’m noticing lots of little refinements too, like how wrapping a link around a block of text will automatically fill in the href attribute with the contents of the clipboard. You guys think of everything!

I do have a few requests:

- Split view so I don’t have to tab back and forth to preview
- Highlighting of the current line
- Colorization of HTML entities so they don’t look like regular text
- Find/replace across multiple files

That said, I already own CSSEdit and am definitely going to buy Espresso soon :-)


I just have to say, you guys @ macrabbit are absolutely amazing. I know you have busted your tails on Espresso. To participate in MacHeist by allowing users to own this amazing product along with other apps for a great price is truly generous. I wish I could meet you all in person and shake your hand :) Its developers like you that make the Mac experience WAY more that owning and using computer. Thanks so much for your dedication and hard work. I, personally, really appreciate it and wish you all the success a Mac developer could have!

Jesse Bacon

I don’t care about the visual editing part of CSSEdit, but pretty much everything else (sans milestones if you add in SVN/support) would be great to have in it at some point. CSS is a major part of “web development” and I do think a focus on it is appropriate, and no I don’t want to have to go back to CSSEdit – that’s the whole point of an app like this! Find/replace within a project would be great. I’ve hopped back to textmate a few times for that.

That said, I recognize this is a “fresh out of beta 1.0″ and it’s been exciting watching the app grow – I already love it, just little things like the new tag and un/comment buttons are gorgeous. :)

Keep on with the great work guys.


Just letting anyone who doesn’t frequent the forums or irc that there is now a jQuery sugar!

Derek Reynolds

Looks awesome, about to try it out. Am I missing something about the Sugars site?, none of the github hosted downloads (expression engine for instance) seem to work. I am especially curious about the interaction and inter-working with content management systems like modx and expressionengine.



I am very interested in Espresso and as a CSSedit lover, I would be happy to pay for Espresso ASAP. Was wondering though if it is possible for you guys to put up a screencast on how to start getting the most out of Espresso?

Also like some others have said. I would just be happy if I could easily open .css files in CSSedit. I was actually quite surprised when I was using the betas that this was not possible.

Keep up the great work.

Morgan Daly

Great work.


Great work, looks promising! However, i miss custom keyboard shortcuts, which is key for me to get a good workflow when working on a non american keyboard. Keep up the good work!


Do you have any plans on making your software available on Windows?

Thomas Thomassen

I adore Macrabbit. CSS Edit is the best CSS editor of all time! And Espresso is more easy and quick than Coda, at least for me.

Only miss a feature to be perfect: a visual editor, like Dreamweaver, at least for write. I’m spanish, and I don’t want to write each special character manually (é, ñ, etc.). I want a visual editor for heads (h1 to h6), paragraphs, lists, strong, italic… The basic features to write. The rest of code is easy to write =P

Great job, dudes!

Hans Christian

#36, please, no! Espresso is only for Mac Os, not for Windows!

Hans Christian

While I’ve been checking out Espresso — I’m a CSSEdit user — I’m also a TextMate user, and I find Richard Smith’s comment above somewhat bemusing. I don’t want to plug the “competition” too much, but I’m quite sure that TM’s brace matching, smart indenting, Perl support (not to mention a hundred-odd other languages/template systems), and highlighting of the current line are not figments of my imagination. TextMate doesn’t have integrated FTP support, but it has what I actually need (well, desire) more: integrated Subversion support. Most OS X FTP clients, like Transmit, can be configured to let you double-click to edit files in the text editor of your choice, though (and saving in the editor will automatically upload the file back). I’ll presume you mean “smart indenting,” i.e., being context-aware so the editor indents one tab stop after ending a line with a brace in a C-like language or a colon in Python and so on; “auto-indenting” generally just means keeping the indent of a new line even with the line above it, which even the free TextWrangler has. (It’s worth noting that TextWrangler also has everything else you asked for, including the FTP support.)

None of this is to knock Espresso, which looks quite promising. I haven’t investigated the 1.0 version yet to see whether it adds some of the TextMate features that I most love (I know it has snippets–the coolness of which can’t be overestimated–but I don’t know if it has smart indenting, or if “sugars” can supply that functionality).

Incidentally, I’m not concerned much with whether Espresso has the full power of CSSEdit in it. I own CSSEdit already, and darned if that doesn’t have the full power of CSSEdit in it right now! :)

Watts Martin

I can’t believe it’s part of MacHeist! I was SO prepared to shell out for the whole bundle! Great work guys! Espresso is a true godsend. It is hands down the best web development suite ever created, far surpassing Dreamweaver for real world use. This is the best thing that has happened to me in my web development career. FANTASTIC WORK!

Jt Hollister

Is there an issue with creating a “new tag” it seems to:

a) not wrap around a highlighted part of code and;
b) mirrors itself for instance you type and then continue to type .. href=”" within that opening tag it mirrors to the closing tag the same thing –

Its rather frustrating since I’d have to click elsewhere and then back to finish adding or alternatively delete the mirrored code.


Ah its made that a link it was supposed to read

b) mirrors itself for instance you type and then continue to type .. href=”” within that opening tag it mirrors to the closing tag the same thing –

minus the spaces


Haha .. ok well it was an href tag or [A] tag that you start typing within the opening tag and as said mirrors your text within the closing tag.

Didnt expect it to convert the tags into a link even with broken spaces in the above comments.


You should look at your home page . It still, misleadingly, says: “Espresso is coming” and gives no hint that the app has been officially released.

Jim Ratliff

Did you guys disable live preview for the trial version? If so, I might suggest you re-think that decision… Live Preview is the biggest part of Espresso for me, and if I hadn’t already had a chance to preview it with the betas I would never even consider purchasing Espresso without it. As it is, there’s no way to tell the feature even exists and no mention of it not being in the trial… at the very least you should make people aware of what the trial version is missing.

Jt Hollister

That said, the purpose of a trial is to let people get a feel for the app before they buy it and without Live Preview that’s simply impossible. The app is nothing but a kink in my workflow without it… Usually trials have either a time limitation or feature limitation, not both, I just don’t think it’s wise to have a crippled version of the app as the first impression people get! I only say this because I want Espresso to be very successful so that you guys can put as much effort into it as possible and make it even better :)

Jt Hollister

JT, do you remember back in beta2 when we all complained that we couldn’t find the preview button and so MacRabbit added one in beta3? Well they took it back out. Preview seems to be hiding back under the “new” menu. Of course it still doesn’t work from a local server (you need to manually refresh) and it doesn’t feature X-Ray or any sort of inspector so it’s not exactly a useful live preview but they certainly didn’t remove it.


#46, #47

It’s hidden under the new menu item for languages other than HTML (and maybe CSS? I didn’t check). Anyway when HTML is the active language, the preview button is in the tool bar.

It’s a dynamic tool bar!

Derek Reynolds

Well look at that. It is dynamic. I don’t work with HTML so I just thought they moved it.


Hi All,

Looking good so far. I’m getting into Ruby on Rails stuff and there’s things I like/don’t like about using TextMate and Coda. I was hoping Espresso would be my perfect editor, but it’s not to be. I need to be able to open a Rails folder which has about a dozen folders. Working in Rails you’re jumping from Views to Controllers to Models and back and forth all the time. I’m not going to sit there and open files one by one. Sorry.

Charlie Magee

Charlie Magee

At least for me, there is still no button even in an HTML document…

But I found that I can customize the toolbar and add it back…

I had thought it disabled because the Preview menu is all greyed out… not sure why it’s even there.

I really don’t understand why MacRabbit is downplaying the usefulness of this feature so much, trying to hide it, etc. To see what I’m coding as I code is invaluable and essential.

Jt Hollister

I agree with you Alejandro. Why limit the application? Do people really think that people who use CSSEdit cannot code by hand? You have to know what you’re doing with CSS to use CSSEdit, its interface just gives visual feedback…There’s developers that really shouldn’t be allowed to buy a Mac. If people are so crazy to do everything by hand, use Textmate.


JT: I think they’re downplaying the preview feature because it doesn’t actually work under most conditions. Considering that one of the strengths of Espresso is that it supports a wide variety of languages (via sugars), its a bit shortsighted to have a preview system that doesn’t work with any of those languages. As it stands only people working in static HTML can even use the preview and arguably that’s not even the audience for this app.


Feature Requests:

1. parenthesis matching!
2. column selections that work!


I’d love to see support for keyboard navigation in the sidebar. Until then, having to use the mouse all the time is kind of limiting.
Other than that, I love the way it works. Can’t wait for it to be unlocked in the MacHeist bundle!

Peter Craddock

I can’t believe some have commented on the Veerle illustration as amateurish and bad. It is brilliant and very mac like. I already use Coda but am hoping it will at last be unlocked in the Mac Heist bundle so I can give Espresso a good whirl as well as seeing how it improves through upgrades.


I love this tool very much.
thank you for providing such a amazing progame.
Hope you can offer a multi-language vision.


Feature request:

- Ability to refresh the project folder when adding files to the directory through Finder. I have to re-open a project for it to update the projects files/structure.
- Set an option to have the CSS properties on one line or not.

e.g #style {color:#000;}

I prefer the option for either or since it auto writes as:

#style {



I will try to get contact this way. Since the technical email support is horrible.
I emailed them 1 week ago and i still have not got any reply. I mailed them like 3-4 times with crash and feedback information, but they remain silence…

A pretty negative experience with the support desk if you ask me.

Sure you can be busy for some days. But taking more than 7 days to reply to emails is just “not done”.

I hope you read this, and improve your email support. Because this is not working…

Werner de Vries

The Workspace and Project file list should be independent. Tabs would be nice, but even decoupling the two would help. I end up with a Project file browser, and scrolling down pushes the Workspace out of view.


its REALLY cool, and Im loving the auto upload to server thing, but falls over badly when you also have a CSS file open in CSSEdit and Espresso whereby CSSEdit seems to ‘loose’ the file. Espresso’s CSS editor is just not as good as CSSEdit.

Also, sometimes when editing the CSS file (even within Espresso) the Espresso preview seems to drop the CSS styling, making it useless.

I hope these are fixed and Ill be close to buying the full version.

BTW, where’s your twitter account?


Everyone has their “must-have” items in a web editor, and if you incorporate them all, you’ll have trouble releasing the simple, slick tool you’re trying to build.

That said, my must-have is search/replace across a whole project, or better, through a folder on disk. I love the live regex view; what a great way to get immediate feedback on the validity of expressions! But searching and replacing across a project is an important part of my workflow, and that omission alone will keep me from using Espresso for the time being.

just my .02..


Great release. I jumped on it and paid the day it was released. Two days later, it’s on MacHeist (which I also picked up). Is there any difference between the regular and MacHeist version?

I’m a developer and I like supporting indy Mac development, but jeez couldn’t you wait a bit so early adopters wouldn’t feel like such a chump.



Hey, Guys!

Well done on the 1.0.

But I agree that we seem to be missing some key features — where’s the “Edit CSS in CSSEdit”? Keep up the good work, but I hope to see a 1.5 soon!



Will you be putting up user forums so that we can discuss Espresso? Having a central forum would be cool.


The Forum is online since many months ;-)

Here it is:


Find and replace across open documents/project would be the only item I would love to see added. Nice work, I like this much better than Dreamweaver.

Adam Green

When I create a new project in Espresso and import my existing project files and subfolders…
how can I sort the whole project tree in a human readable way, espresso starts to sort beginning at A to Z nevertheless it is a file or a folder, so its confusing.

Any ideas? greetz!


Great, I purchased it and it restructured my daily workflow. But I still think that many basic features are just missing. The active line won’t be highlighted, you can’t create bookmarks for FTP connections, the project list won’t be updated after a change in Finder, you can’t save as projects, you can’t open the CSS files in CSSEdit (if you own it) because the CSS editor SUCKS! (I am a huge fan of CSSEdit, too!) I don’t understand why you released Espresso in such an incomplete status and didn’t wait to make it great.

I hope you will release some updates and bring these key features and won’t wait until 2.0.

Muhammet Sevim

C’mon, can’t jump to line number, no way to see current character position on the line. Not a 1.x product.


Espresso should be set up so that when you click Stylesheets, it checks or there is an option to check (the first time) to see if there is a licensed copy of CSSEdit on the computer. If there is, then that is what is used instead of this stripped down version that forces me to open a second application to get my work done. Do I know what kind of labor is involved in doing something like that? No, I don’t, and I don’t care, because that’s not my bailiwick. I do care that, for me, Espresso can’t be the all-in-one application it should be, because I don’t want to take a step (or five) backwards from CSSEdit and use what is included with Espresso. Yuck. This seems to be a major gripe with Espresso, and I certainly hope MacRabbit steps up to the plate here.

Robin S

Espresso is fantastic and has made working with XHTML fun again for me! My main wish is for project-wide ‘find and replace’. For now I have to open a dull HTML editor (that I was hoping to ditch) to do multiple file ‘find and replace’. Please make project-wide ‘find and replace’ top of your priority list of new features – pretty please. Thank you.


I’m a Dreamweaver & Coda user. Obviously i much prefer Coda over Dreamweaver, it’s just superior. Espresso though (which i own a copy of now, yes I own a copy of all 3 competing software apps), is both great and bad.

There are alot of things about it that i love and was very excited to discover as i played with it. However it falls short on many fronts as well. There seem to be quite a few glitches and bugs throughout the application, which is understandable for a new program, but it’s out of beta now, why’s it still buggy?

Love the program, but it’s not a Coda killer quite yet. Patch up all the bugs and listen to the communities feature request and it will be a Coda killer without question, fact is, it’s not there yet, and still needs alot of work.


“The old adage still holds true – anyone who’s serious about putting web sites together should be able to code by hand. ”

Uh… ok.

And anyone who wants to lay out a book should be able to code that by hand, too.

And what’s all this nonsense about “Photoshop” ? Anyone who wants to blur an image should learn to write an image processing algorithm!

What is it, now, with all these nonsensical kids these days and their fancy doohickeys. Heck – when I was a kid, we did programming the REAL way – with PUNCHCARDS!



“And anyone who wants to lay out a book should be able to code that by hand, too.”

I will pretend I didn’t read this and still consider you a decent human being.

Arik Jones

- First, make a editor that has all the basic features a code editor NEEDS to have.
- You don’t have to implement a CSS-editor like Coda. People who need CSSedit-like features can use CSSedit.
- Work on the FTP/synchronisation tools and make them easier to use.
- The current workflow in the app also has to be improved.
- The LivePreview idea needs to be more visible.
- Last thing, I don’t get the “New Tag”-button or “New Style”. They aren’t necessary.

This is the “basic” recipe for you application to be a success and actually useful! :)


Congratulations!! Awesome software :)
Now I can drop my current html editor Textmate to get a super welcome to Espresso ^^ The soft still need some improvements but it’s a serious alternative to other editor.

And please, please, please improve CSSEdit soon!


SVN/GIT would be awesome! =)

Rafael Barbosa

Espresso 1.0 looks great, especially with the third-party PHP/HTML Sugar. However — and I really don’t want to sound like a miser here — I’ve just tried to pay for the application, and the total price would have been £66! Are you serious?

I must stress that I’m not averse to buying software at all. If something’s useful, I’ll pay for it — I’ve purchased Coda, NaviCat, Pixelmator and lots more. £66 for an application that’s only just out of beta seems insanely expensive, though. I’m also not sure what your position is with charging UK users 21% “sales tax”. I was under the impression that sales between European countries were VAT-free? If my company invoices a company in Belgium [for example], we don’t charge VAT, and it wouldn’t actually be legal for us to do so.

Like I say, I like Espresso and I can see that a lot of hard work has gone into it. I really don’t think I can justify spending £70 on it, though.

Chris Gibson



Hi, is there support for templates? like relying on a master page with editable areas like dreamweaver does?

Macario Ortega

Can I ask, why don’t you guys have some kind of dedicated support channel. It’s clear that Espresso was launched with bugs, and it’s clear that the forum is frequented less by those who are important.

Get Satisfaction is a great way to keep in touch with the customer base.

I use Ballpark and the developer/owner guy is always on there answering questions, keeping people updated.

There is nothing more frustrating than having to pay for buggy software, especially on a Mac. For a PC I would expect it, but not for a Mac.

By the way, the FTP part needs work,

Nick Toye

As a CSSEdit user, I’m a little surprised there’s no CSSEdit integration in Espresso. All that would be required would be a preference item “edit CSS with CSSEdit”, and some hooks in Espresso for CSSEdit to send Espresso messages when the file’s been saved or when the Preview window should be updated. That’d be nice.

Zachary Fine

@Zachary Fine: Agreed!

Why doesn’t Espresso play well with CSSEdit?


I’m going to buy CSSEdit only. Espresso is a good editor, autocomplete code works fine, but there is not autocomplete code for classes developed by user. I hope it will supported soon.