Introducing Magic Retina

It’s time for something truly exciting: Magic Retina. Have you been meaning to add Retina assets to your website or app, but discovered that it's quite a bit of extra work? Slicy 1.1 with Magic Retina is here to help! Just append “+@2x” after your Slicy exported layer groups, and it automagically scales vectors and layer styles into a beautiful Retina version. It's the easiest way to create Retina assets, in the entire web/app design world.

On top of this time-saving miracle, Slicy 1.1 also can also downscale 2x-to-1x, and now supports all the new CS6 bells and whistles: group effects, new vector strokes, and more. We've also seriously revamped the website and produced a fun new screencast explaining the basics of using Slicy. Tell your friends!

Slicy 1.1 generated its own Retina assets (and of course the same is happening to Espresso), so take it from us: Magic Retina will save you massive amounts of time. Buy or update your copy today!