It Takes Espresso 2 to Tango

“Since we first released Espresso, users have been clamoring to use CSSEdit’s visual editors and X-ray in Espresso,” said Norbert, the magical rabbit that secretly runs software operations at MacRabbit. “And on the other side, CSSEdit users wanted access to the advanced editing, publishing and workflow features available in Espresso. We are super excited to finally be able to offer the best of both worlds.”

Espresso 2 is out now, and we think it will make a lot of people very happy. CSSEdit is now exclusively integrated, with advanced new visual tools for CSS3 gradients, shadows and more. Also making the jump from CSSEdit are X-ray, Live Styling and Overrides — the awesome technologies that have made CSS styling on the Mac fun and productive for years.

In addition to CSSEdit’s goodness, this major upgrade also includes new or much-improved language support for HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python, Apache, and Markdown. Want to extend Espresso even further? You can now write your own actions using the brand new JavaScript-based Sugar APIs. To make publishing websites quicker than ever, Quick Publish and Server Sync have a brand new, improved interface that builds on a completely rewritten FTP/SFTP/S3 engine. Espresso 2 polishes every aspect of its workflow, right down to the animated gears you see when adjusting Project settings.

We invite you to take it for a spin today, and see how you like it! Find details, download and upgrade info at