Of Espresso and Broken Updaters

Hello everyone. Since the release of Espresso 1.0, we’ve been hard at work to make it into the great editor you all want it to be. Some of that work goes into bug fixes, some of it is preparing for new features. We recognize that Espresso is still in its infancy and that there are some lingering issues, so we’re focusing on ironing out the bugs before adding cool new stuff!

Unfortunately, that process has been hindered because of broken auto-updating up to version 1.0.1. Up to now, Espresso didn’t check for new versions on launch which hid great improvements from many of our users. Version 1.0.2 (out now) sports a fixed auto-updater along with many other improvements, so we’d like everyone to update their copy as soon as possible! Tell your Espresso-using friends and spread the word: Check for Updates under the Espresso menu.

We’ve been receiving tons of feedback about Espresso, which we’re going through as fast as we can. We try to respond to your e-mails, but due to the sheer volume of feedback we may not be able to reply personally to every feature request. Even when you don’t receive an acknowledgement of your feedback, know that it’s not going into a black hole. Thanks for shaping the future of Espresso!


to me it seems coding with Espresse has become buggier since the update. I’m coding a lot of HTML and CSS but there are TONS of bugs in the auto-complete. PLEASE address these issues as soon as possible. I hate nothing more than buggy auto-complete.

- after entering “width” there should be auto-complete “:”
- sometimes I can’t even type “:” or “;” – it just doesn’t enter it. Have to press the key twice!!!
- there should be better support to drag in or auto-complete images in CSS/HTML. At the moment I have to type in the whole path to an image for background:url(***) myself, which is very annoying.
- LOTS LOTS more bugs when working with code and using auto-complete
- Support for special characters auto-complete similar to Dreamweaver would be great

I don’t like Dreamweaver, but they currently have the most efficient auto-complete functions.



It’s getting there. Definitely better than DW for HTML and CSS, but still buggy and crashing. I’m a very patient guy and I think in time this product will be very nice. I know you guys are working hard to fix it…thnx!



Kai and Kris, please Check for Updates again, those CodeSense bugs crept in last-minute and are fixed now! The other problems Kai mentions are on our wishlist.

Jan Van Boghout

thanks for your response, but it tells me that I already have the latest version when checking for updates. :-(

these latest issues are really annoying, might have to pull out my old Dreamweaver version.

feel free to get in touch for more suggestions. I’ve got a ton of them ;-)


Kai, we had to disable the 1.0.2 > 1.0.2a update detection because of a server bug. To fix the CodeSense issues if you downloaded really early, you’ll need to download again directly from the site. (Or wait until 1.0.3, but downloading again is probably easier :) )

Jan Van Boghout

Jan: seems like the 1.02 update overwrote my themes dir, killing all my custom and downloaded themes.

Colin Scroggins

Colin, that definitely shouldn’t happen if you mean the user library App Support and not inside Espresso.app (also, could we continue this by mail?)

Jan Van Boghout

Yeah have to reinstall the themes.

Gather its cos you need to install them inside the .app package so when the update comes out it overwrites them.

Would be ideal to remember these but would likely need to be outside of the .app package in order to do so.



You shouldn’t be putting these inside of .app.

Place them in ~/Library/Application\ Support/Espresso/(Sugars|Themes)

Derek Reynolds

My themes have gotten overwitten every time I’ve upgraded Espresso since the early betas. This time was no different but at least I was prepared. I’ve got copies of everything.


Thanks so much for letting us know what is going on. Downloading now!

Les Reynolds

1. Need Page Setup options for printing code in landscape. Otherwise, love the format for line numbers and such.
2. SVN please!!

Great work so far guys, looking forward to seeing the progression.


Even though its rough, I can tell this app has an AMAZING future. When I look extensibility of the plugin architecture and the syntax architecture this is going to be a very, very cool editor. Thanks for the hard work MacRabbit! I love the ability to add multiple servers per project (dev, test, prod, etc). Keep it up guys, it’ll get there :)

Jesse Bacon

Hi guys! thanks for letting us know about the update. I am very pleased with Espresso and hope it only gets better!

Matthew Niedzielski

Say, I’m probably not the first one to point this out, but do you think it’s time the front page of MacRabbit.com should stop saying “Espresso is coming” and say, I don’t know, “Espresso is here”? :)

Watts Martin

Hi, thanks.

I downloaded the 1.0.2a manually and some of the bugs with codesense seem to be fixed. However, for instance, when I type “overflow” and use the auto-suggestion feature after typing “overf” it puts a semicolon right behind it, like this: “overflow: ;”. Once the semicolon is there I can’t take advantage if its suggestion features for the value of overflow (hidden, scroll,…) I have to remove the semicolon to see the list of those values.

Hope that helps.



I am having a problem with the FTP uploading with windows servers. I emailed you about it.


I am now a very happy customer, having been about to buy super-expensive Dreamweaver, and the Espresso got revealed in the MacHeist bundle. There is one feature that’s missing though – the ability to edit on the page, like Dreanweaver’s Design view. Integrate that with your Live Preview and you go from having an app with amazing potential to an amazing app.


Here’s a question – why aren’t there MacRabbit forums? it’d help weed out the “How do I open a file?!” e-mails because users can help other users.




Derek Reynolds

This is looking great. I’m very excited, but I need to put in a second for SVN please.


I’d vote GIT support too, as it is a popular system.

Dustin Dawes

You may want to update your main site home page to indicate that Espresso is no longer “coming”, but has arrived.


I agree to Thomas: I really love espresso…and I really love CSSedit…the best plan for future projects would be a melt of both.
I love you, your tools and this site!

Warm greetings from northern germany…

Benjamin Cyprian Sindram Mueller


I really like CSSEdit and Espresso, I sometimes wish that CSSEdit be combined into Espresso, i mean how cool would it be when you editting in php n all it has the normal functionality, and when ur editting CSS files CSSEdit feature kicks in.


I’d love a tighter CSSEdit/Espresso integration as well. Another feature that’d be very useful is re-indenting messed up files. Although I realize implementing that function requires a lot of work… :) Anyway thanks a lot for two wonderful applications!


Thanks for this very ‘OS X like’ application. Original ideas, fast, a clean interface and looking very good.
However you really should try to implement Subversion in the Project area.


SVN is a must for this app! But what you have done so far puts you ahead of your competition, amazing app! Will never go back to the likes of DW…

Thanks heap!

tom :)

Thomas Mitchell

I’m enjoying Espresso but confused why MacRabbit.com still says its in beta. Its not right?


It just seems a little bit odd that in Espresso one is unable to right-click on a CSS file and open it in CSSEdit (as in Coda!).

Richard B


Espresso is a great editor! I tried it for about a week and i love it – finally, I decided to buy a copy of it (yesterday).

I would like to have some features, such as an extended auto completition for PHP.

Thank you for this application!

Benedikt R.

First, thanks for the ramped up point releases/bug-fixing/added-functionality. That said, more than anything else I want an official post here or in the forums regarding integration between cssedit & espresso. Let us know if its being considered, if its even possible, whatever. Finally, so many apps have been released lately sans help docs, Espresso included. The best apps I have and am able to use effectively on a daily basis tend to have thorough help docs that run down everything you can do and the various means for approaching how to do it. It would be a tremendous help for new users if we didn’t have to run off to the forums to dig around for posts regarding whatever subject we want to look up. I feel like a rabbit from my weekly scurrying from release-notes to blog to forum to sugar developers forum to find nuggets of wisdom & how-to-do-this to add to my espresso reference page I created with Voodoopad. Perhaps, ya’ll need to call up Flying Meat to get some advice on how to tackle the aforementioned task?

Hugh L.

Whoops boy am i a jackass – My brain was trying to ask me whether or not I had actually checked to see if there was help docs in the latest release before I complained about their absence. My bad for being a bad internet user. Huge thanks for the help documentation!

Hugh L.

read the macrabbit team this blog???
we become no answer of our emails and here is no reaction of user / customer questions and suggestions for improvements.


Having just switchws to mac, i have been evaluating pretty much all the editors out there.

I am flabbergasted at the shoddy implementations out there.

Your editor is by far the best i have found to date.

As a full time php developer, my suggestions for improvements include the following

-support for auto complete for class variables + methods from inherited objects + and within the local class scope.
-click a function , class name and it jumps to the original definition
-this of course is all within the scope of the currently opened project.

in regards to version control , i dont think that limiting such a great editor to a dying system like SVN would be viable. GIT is MUCH better and with most of these systems you can handle it via some other little app…or bash ;)

Anyway, great work guys!

Arnold Almeida

Thank you for this nice program… But please tell us your Roadmap for CSSEdit and Espresso.
Please give answers to the following questions, you will find in your and other forum.

1. XRay for Espresso: is this feature planned for an further edition?

2. CSSEdit and Espresso: is an better interconnection between the 2 Programs on your Roadmap?

3. The actual Version from CSSEdit is older than a half year… Do you work on new features ?

THX again


Annika B.

Concerning SCM integration, I will have to agree with Arnold on this one. Git is becoming the defacto standard for SCM. SVN is still important and useful, but I think Git should be the primary focus while SVN is sort of the sloppy seconds in terms of priority. Eh, just a thought.

Arik Jones

… 8 Days later, x-Mails sendet but now Answer from “Jan” …
this is a strange blog

pity for the monetary

Annika B.

What’s going on guys? Seems to be no news; we’re all looking forward to hearing some future plans, or at least some tidbits about current development!


I think Git support should be the primary focus as well.

The only editor that has “somewhat” sub-par support for Git is TextMate but even that needs some work. I can guarantee that if you make the decision for Espresso to have a more native Git support you will win over ALOT of users.

Just my two cents!

Jason Hudnutt

I echo the comment on Git – in fact Git/Rails support combined should be a huge focus!

Travis Anderson

Apologies if this isn’t the place to make software suggestions; didn’t see a better place!

The only quibble I’m having, which is admittedly small, is having to re-tell Espresso the code language every time I open a project. Would be nice if the project file saved that info.

Love the app, tho! Keep it up!


Anyone having issues with 1.0.5? I can’t get support to respond to my questions.

David Slone

First of all I must say I love the Commenting design that’s been done, great work.

Now my main concern is when is there going to be an update for Espresso?
The main purpose of purchasing this software for me was the “Live Editing”. Currently As long as I’m not editing (and don’t have it open in the work space) any CSS related file to the site I’m editing it works almost fine. When A CSS file is open that’s related to the page, all the CSS gets turned off and “Live Edit” becomes “save file then reload preview edit” as it is in every other text editor under the sun, and the lack of replies to any of the questions on the wiki is a Big disappointment.

Other than this software is bloody great, I love the interface, its nice and clean and the tab dragging in between windows in very handy. The FTP management and auto Upload on save Feature that can be directly turned on and off when editing the file is handy too. Can’t wait for a new update guys.


Miss CSS edit a lot!, haven’t seen any updates, I love that app I don’t like Espresso and haven’t tryed it that much.

The thing that could improve is to implement some sort of webkit inspector and a firefinder firefox plugin like interface (jquery)



It does have a webkit inspector. You need to right click on the element and choose “Inspect Element”



I’m currently using both Espresso and CSSEdit. They’re great and working wonderful to me!!!
Just a question: Why they always opens off the screen? I mean, for my macbook both applications opens not centered and I have to drag everytime. Is it something I should do to avoid this frustrating situation?

Thanks guys!

Alessandro Rubino

When will 1.0.6 update will emerge ??? :D . I am anctious to see what you will bring new to us little coders :) )

Are you waiting for the apparition of the Snow Leopard platform ???



Hi guys, I’m trying Espresso 1.0.5, and I think that is a good application, realy a good job. I’m undecided to buy Espresso now or when you publish the next version… how many time must I wait ?

Regards, and sorry for my bad english, I’m Italian :)


Have there been any updates here at all?
The front page itself is still way out of date… and I haven’t seen anything from the devs in quite some time.
Throw us a bone, or dare I say, carrot!


Hey, Rabbits!

Just wanted to say that it’s an amazing app. But I’m still not ready to buy it for the following reasons:1. Unlike Coda it doesn’t have a CSS editor. Would be perfect if you could merge CSSEdit into Espresso. :) Even if it’s for an additional fee.
2. In the CSS navigator, selectors which described with white (or close to white) color become completely invisible.
3. Live Preview. Would be great if it was like one in Coda — parallel to the coding window — where you can immediately see changes.

But in every other aspect it’s much more convenient than Coda.

Cheers and hello from Russia.

Mark Lee

Oh, and also a centralized FTP list would be awesome too. So you could browse your FTP servers without having to create projects to do that or to configure FTP server every time you create a project.

Mark Lee

Hi guys,

I was wondering if you were still alive. It’s been a few months since your last post. Hope all is well.

Ivan Novak

Great software guys, do you think you will ever have support for dwt files? (ie. Templates)

Ben Fausti

#erm – are you still workin on espresso ?
There are a lot of Bugs wich need to fixed :-)
Like if i open a File from FTP – it allways opens two windows.
One blank and the FPT-File. Things like this are real bad for the
Workflow :-(


Hi, I’m really liking the Espresso… I do have a few things I would liked changed or added.

1. Price, I think its a little steep for what it actually does.

2. PHP support in Preview. When you open a php page is just shows the code.

3. Support for Ajax, XML. I know one of the sugar developers could do this and hope they do.



Any updates?

Paying Customer

Where has MacRabbit gone?

Donald Kelly

I’m all but convinced this whole thing is dead. It’s a shame too, because I had very high hopes for Espresso. I was hoping to move away from text editors and get a good, slick IDE for OS X. Integrated with CSSEdit, this app would have been invaluable in my toolbox. Please come back, and let us know what’s up. The same problem was going on over at Pixelmator; we at least got some feedback after a little time.


I really with that Mac Rabbit would make sure to debug and offer full support to their existing products & customers before they developed new apps. Has anyone ever been able to get support from them?? Espresso *does* look cool, but I can’t justify buying another product from them after they ignore my multiple pleas for help with their other, extremely buggy software. :-(