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  • written on 12 April 2007

Announcing a Revolutionary Web Editor — Bye CSSEdit

It’s been pretty quiet here lately, but that has a reason. MacRabbit is announcing a new product! CSSEdit is the ultimate style sheet editor, but I think everyone can agree that it is time for the next step.

Without further ado, introducing TableEdit! This wonderful application finally rids you of the pest that is CSS, and delivers pixel-perfect tabular layouts with a maximum of nested HTML table goodness.

Anyone can see that Web 5.0 is the wave of the future, and CSS has very little potential. As such, CSSEdit 2 is being discontinued immediately — all existing users will receive a free upgrade to TableEdit 1.0. TableEdit is currently in private beta, but it is due to be released in the Fall of 2007.

  • written on 1 April 2007

LogoMaid and its SimpleBits Logo Ripoff

[ Disclaimer: I don't plan on making this a rant blog -- I promise I am keeping lots of fun stuff in store! ]

As peeved as I am about people ripping off the MacRabbit design, LogoMaid takes it to a whole new level with Dan Cederholm’s (excellent) new SimpleBits logo. Not only did they sell it as their own, but they actually threatened to sue Dan for stealing their logo. Hahaha, the nerve — excuse me while I go take a breath.

Head over to Daring Fireball for more info, and spread the anti-ripoff love!

  • written on 23 March 2007

Smashing Magazine and NavBars

So, MacRabbit’s top navigation has been featured on Smashing Magazine. Awesome!

However, all 53 of those sites spent days/weeks/months tweaking their design to get the unique feel they have now. That’s why it’s Not Nice to blatantly steal copyrighted works, as is happening over at Peerplay. Feel free to see how the MacRabbit navigation bar ticks (advertisement: try CSSEdit’s Extract command!), but do not steal the design!

  • written on 18 March 2007

Tip: CSSEdit + WebKit Nightly

Is it possible to use a newer version of WebKit with CSSEdit? Yes, and it’s easy! Here’s what you need to do:

1) Download the latest WebKit from
2) Install the WebKit application somewhere, in Applications for example.
3) Run the following Terminal command (replace /Path/to with the appropriate locations):


4) That’s it! You’re now able to design your style sheets with the latest WebKit CSS improvements.

  • written on 2 February 2007

Ho Ho, MacSanta is in town!

Ho Ho Ho! Thanks to MacRabbit’s close ties to the Easter Bunny and the fact that Santa is the Easter Bunny’s cousin, you can now get 20% off when using the MACSANTA coupon code before Christmas. Tons of other developers are spreading the holiday cheer.

Remember: there’s no gift like a useful piece of software! Happy Holidays!

  • written on 20 December 2006

Interview with Veerle

Veerle’s interview with myself has been published (a few days ago, even). Everyone who wants a peek at MacRabbit development should read it now. If you like it, digg it!

  • written on 30 November 2006

You Ask, I Answer

Veerle Pieters, the talented artist and Belgian femme fatale, is whipping up a little interview with yours truly. If you have any questions you’ve been dying to ask, hop over to Veerle’s Blog and suggest your question!

  • written on 19 November 2006

CSSEdit Happiness Everywhere (even at Apple)

CSSEdit 2 has been extremely well received, and my magical software-writing rabbit is satisfied. He wishes to remain anonymous, so we’ll call him Norbert. Norbert has been putting on pounds with Royal Carrots Deluxe to celebrate all the excellent feedback.

Even Apple really likes CSSEdit:
CSSEdit on Mac OS X Downloads
Norbert thinks that’s awesome, and I agree. Now we’re going to dig through all your requests and comments to make sure CSSEdit becomes even more worthy of compliments such as:

“If you’re building websites on a Mac, you must have CSSEdit. Wow.” – Firewheel Design

“CSSEdit 2.0 is fast, it’s elegant, and packed with features to make my life easier. I’m sorry I waited so long to use it!” – Erik Barzeski

“Very impressive upgrade to MacRabbit’s aptly-named $30 CSS editor.” – John Gruber (Daring Fireball)

“I’m not a designer, heck I’m hardly a writer, but I do know good software when I see it (and a cute company logo).” – TUAW

Even magical rabbits can be vain, so Norbert really liked this appreciation of his portait.

  • written on 11 November 2006

Store Hiccups Fixed

Looks like the incredible demand for CSSEdit 2 overpowered the new store for a little while. All should be well now. If you were unable to use your version 1 code to upgrade, try again now!

Thanks for the awesome feedback everyone! The response is positively overwhelming!

  • written on 7 November 2006