Slicy, PSD Magic with Zero Calories

Say hello to Slicy, a brand new MacRabbit product that will change the lives of designers and developers. This sweet app is an innovative new way to export PSD elements as images for the Web and Apps. Bye bye, Save for Web!

How does it work? Simply name layer groups like the files you want to create, and Slicy will extract them individually. Enjoy complete freedom to move, obscure and even hide these named layer groups without affecting the extracted images. Find out more at and revolutionize your PSD workflow.

Because we want every designer and developer out there to be unshackled from Save For Web, Slicy is launching at a ridiculously affordable $19.99 intro price. It’s available exclusively on the App Store. Get your copy now!

PS: We’ll be releasing Espresso 2.0.2 with some very nice goodies soon as well!