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Already an Espresso user? Awesome! If you own a license for version 1.x, you qualify for a free (if purchased after 10 April 2009) or $29 upgrade to Espresso 2. CSSEdit owners without a previous Espresso license also receive a discount. Enter your old Espresso or CSSEdit license code, or the e-mail address you used for your original order, to get your free or discounted upgrade:

Q Will Espresso 2 be released in the Mac App Store?

Not in the foreseeable future. Espresso is currently sold exclusively on the MacRabbit Store, which allows us to remain in control of what top-notch features we can bring to our users. You won't need to sacrifice any updating comfort either, thanks to the built in auto-updater.

Q How do I preview my PHP/Ruby/CMS/blog/shopping cart/… ?

While Espresso supports live CSS styling for any website, it only previews and auto-refreshes page content automatically for static HTML pages. To load dynamic pages, you will need to setup a remote or local server (such as MAMP or the built-in OS X server), and then open a Web Preview and enter the URL for the page you'd like to preview.

Once you have a Web Preview containing dynamic content, you can start editing its style sheets without needing to save or upload. Pick the CSS file you want to edit from the Style Sheets button, then start styling with Espresso's excellent visual and/or source tools.

Q How do I view my code and a Web Preview at the same time?

You can drag any tab out of the project Workspace and drop it into another window's tab bar or into its own window. Alternately, you can select any tab or Workspace item and use Window → Move Tab to New Window to open a dedicated window for it.

Q Does Espresso support CSS3?

Yes! Espresso 2 offers visual editing support for several of the more popular CSS3 properties in its visual CSS tools, including text shadows, box shadows, multiple backgrounds, and background gradients. Why write complicated CSS declarations when you can point and click?

For source aficionados, Espresso has detailed support for CSS3 built right into the editor. You can access a large number of popular CSS3 properties and their vendor-specific equivalents using CodeSense by simply typing out the first few letters for the property.

Q How can I change the keyboard shortcuts in Espresso?

To change a keyboard shortcut, open up the System Preferences from the Apple menu, and switch to the Keyboard pane. In the Keyboard controls, click the Keyboard Shortcuts tab, and choose the Application Shortcuts item in the list on the left. You can then use the + button to create new shortcuts or override existing shortcuts for menu items in Espresso.

Q I have another question that isn't covered here…

Sure! Send us your question and we'll answer as best as we can. We'll extend this FAQ as new questions pop up.