Q I lost my license code. Can you send it to me?

No problemo! Enter the e-mail address you used for your order, and we'll beam the code into your inbox right away. If you forgot the address you registered with, let us know what order info you do have and we'll try to look it up by hand.

Find Lost Code

Q I have an awesome idea for your apps. How do I tell you about it?

To let us know about your ideas and suggestions, select Help > Send Feedback… inside the app. We're happy to hear what you think!

Q I still haven't received my license code. Is it coming by pigeon?

License codes are e-mailed automatically after your purchase, so they should arrive shortly after completing the order. If it hasn't shown up after several hours, check the following:

Q I have another question that isn't covered here…

Sure! Send us your question and we'll answer as best as we can. We'll extend this FAQ as new questions pop up.